ANZPT Sydney: Croc gobbles up chips after bubble

Let the carnage begin! A long bubble period is usually followed by some quickfire eliminations, and that's certainly been the case late on day two of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

Terry Tserdamis, Taner Durust, Monica Nguyen, Milan Gurung wasted little time collecting their $4437 cheques, while Alexander Shishkin crashed out in 41st. That came after he shoved K♥ [10h] into a flop of Q♣ A♠ 7♠, only to find Billy "The Croc" Argyros waiting with A♦ K♠. The board ran out 2♠ Q♠, and Shishkin was shish-kebabed.

Argyros also claimed the scalp of Owen Oates when "The Croc" filled up with 9♦ 9♣ on a board of 2♦ 2h] 6♥ [10s] 9♠ against Oates' K♠ Q♥.

Tty Ly (39th) and Henry Sun (38th) were next out, with Sun unlucky when Maria Martinez's 8♦ 2♥ improved to a pair of eights on a board of 5♦ 7♣ 8♣ A♥ A♣ against the Sydneysider's K♠ 2♦.

Michael Tran followed in 37th when he pushed with A♣ 8♣ but Peter Ling Q♦ J♥ flopped a straight as the board showed 9♦ K♥ [10c]7♥ J♠.


It's been a long but fruitful day for Peter Ling

Argyros was at it again as Aussie PokerStars' qualifier Torgeir Solemdal launched a pre-flop raising war with the wily veteran. The money was all-in with Argyros' J♠ J♥ in good shape against Solemdal's A♦ J♦. The board came 9♣ 6♥ Q♦ 3♣ 8♠ and "The Croc" was snapping at the one-million mark.

Entering the final hour of play, Peter Ling is the chip leader on 840,000 ahead of Argyros (800,000), Lisa Walsh (500,000), Phil Luu (460,000), Van Tran (445,000) and Majed Haddad (400,00). Blinds are at 6000/12,000 with a 1000 ante, with less than an hour of play remaining for today.