ANZPT Sydney: Croweaters serving up some humble pie

Matthew Pearson is running hot. The online player known as onmyVplates took down the biggest online tournament win by an Aussie so far in 2009, and has brought similar form to day 1B of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

Like so many of Australia's emerging online stars - James AndyMcLEOD Obst, Jonathan Karamalikis, Dean Nyberg and Jarred Graham - the 22-year-old Pearson makes his home in Adelaide, host city for the first ANZPT event.


Australia's number two ranked online player, Jonathan Karamalikis

Most countries have a city that their residents pick on: in Australia, it's Adelaide. South Aussies are quick to point out that their state is the only one not to be settled by convicts, but that doesn't stop the rest of the nation casting aspersions on the Croweaters at any opportunity.

From a poker perspective, South Australia is unquestionably home to our best young online players - maybe there's just not that much else to do! And it's Pearson who might have the last laugh should he continue the form displayed during the opening level today.

He just took down a big pot when he bet into a board of [10d] 6♣ 9♥ Q♦ 6♠, with his opponent making the call but quickly mucking when he saw Pearson's pocket kings.

Earlier, he'd raced to more than 40,000 in chips when he made a full house against an opponent's trip jacks. South Australia - great place, just don't drink the water!

A quick round of the room reveals that the Team Australia pros have all made a steady start. Tony Hachem is chipped up to 35k after betting all the way to the showdown with trip twos, much to the chagrin of his opponent.


Celina Lin makes a welcome return home for the ANZPT Sydney Main Event

Grant Levy and Celina Lin, who is spending much of her time in SE Asia, are just above their starting stack of 20,000. Celina and three other players just watched the board fall J♣ 8♣ 9♣ 6♣ 7♣, but none had a club with a pair of nines good enough to scoop the small pot.

And Emad Tahtouh has recovered from a shaky start to be back to 17,000.
Players are just about to take their first break after the conclusion of the day's first two levels, and when they return, blinds will be at 100/200.