ANZPT Sydney: Hachem left to wave Team Australia flag

Team Team Australia contingent has been reduced to one - Tony Hachem - after the elimination of Eric Assadourian. With a big rail of friends and family following his progress, Assadourian looked in great shape with pocket aces against the pocket jacks of Chris Kittos, until a heart-breaking jack landed on the flop.

That meant 28th position for Assadourian, adding another cash to his long list of in-the-money finishes in Australasian poker.

Other recent eliminations have been Antonis 'Toothpick Tony' Kambouroglou (35th), Bruce Nguyen (34th), Markelos Conias (33rd), Van Tran (32nd), Michael Manttan (31st), Brendan Mitchell (30th) and Maria Martinez (29th).

Mitchell's elimination was particularly nasty. He was all-in with 8♦ 8♣ against the [4d 4c] of Robert Acton, and watched the flop come 2♦ A♦ 7d]. The turn bricked 2♣ but the 4♥ sent him to the exit.

Nguyen's elimination wasn't much better. He took A♠ Q♣ to the starting post against the [10c] 10h] but was quickly gathering his personals after the flop came 5♦ [10s] [10d]. Ouch.


"What the ...?" Bruce Nguyen watches quads end his tournament life

In contrast, our man from Brisbane, Jeremy Norton received a much-need injection of chips courtesy of Matt Burgoine. It was Norton's A♣ 7♣ against Burgoine's Q♦ J♦, and the first four cards - K♦ [10s]7♥ J♥ had Norton poised for elimination. Bang - the 7♠ sails down the river to save the tournament life of the PokerStars qualifier.

With just five hands remaining in day two, it seems we'll be left with 26 or 27 players for tomorrow's finale to the first ANZPT Sydney event.