ANZPT Sydney: Hibbott's relief after double 'doh'!

The talk over dinner centred around a bizarre hand late in level 15 that had the entire field crowded around table 22. It's not to explain, but we'll do our best!

A player under the gun raised all-in pre-flop holding pocket queens. Another player in late position announced raise, in turn, but did not know how much so he was required to make a minimum raise (for a lot more).

Then the player in the small blind announce call, in turn, but thought he was only calling the all-in bet from the player under the gun. Nope. So he had to call the minimum raise from the player in late position (which was also for a lot more chips).

Off to the flop, which came 5♦ J♠ 6♥. The under-the-gun player (Brett Hoole), checked to the late position player (Thomas Richter) who moved all in for his last 70,000. Hoole called, turning over pocket queens. Richter was holding pocket nines, and the small blind player (David Hibbott), turned over A♦ Q♦.

"Hold up, just one time," Hoole cried. The 6♥ on the turn was of no help to any player, but then Hibbott caught lightning in a bottle - the A♣ on the river! Hibbott got down on his knees, pumped his fists and screamed triumphantly while the railbirds cheered, booed and gasped.

When order was eventually restored and the crowd cleared, Hibbott was the only player remaining, stacking up to 400,000 in chips, while Hoole headed for the door and Richter dwindled to a very short stack. At least, we thought that was the case, as the crowd almost trampled us to the ground.

We've also recently lost Swedish PokerStars qualifier Ola Jernberg, with Monica Nguyen claiming another victim while Chris Levick, one of the top performers yesterday, received a much-needed double-up when he took out Torgeir Solemdal with aces over kings.


And just like that, Billy "The Croc" Argyros leads the field!

Phil Luu has also been a big mover in recent times, after he slashed a mountain of chips from Paren Arzoomanian's stack. We're now getting close to the bubble with 52 players still in the hunt, just seven spots before the bubble bursts. The top five stacks belong to Billy "The Croc' Argyros (450,000), David Hibbott (440,000), Phil Luu (420,000), Peter Ling (420,000) and Van Tran (400,000).