ANZPT Sydney: Keep your friends close ...

We're about to tick over the three-hour mark on day two of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event, and already the field has been slashed from 185 to 108 - 53 spots short of the money.

In what is set to be a battle of the ages, Eric Assadourian has joined fellow Team Australia PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem on table 19. Despite the constant battle for state pride between Victoria and New South Wales in this tournament (or any tournament in Australia, for that matter), the two are good mates and are sure to be a threat to the others at their table, who include Angela Connell, Majed Haddad and local cult figure Antonis 'Toothpick Tony' Kambouroglou.


Eric Assadourian: "I'm watchin' you, Tony."

Earlier, 'Toothpick' took down a massive 100,000 pot to eliminate Tim Clarke. The money went in before the flop - Kambouroglou held A-5 off-suit while Clarke was ahead with pocket sevens. However the flop of A♣ T♠ 5♣ gave Kambouroglou two-pair to take the lead. The turn and river bricked out, sending Clarke to the rail.

Meanwhile Bruce Nguyen is having a tough day on table 17. He's down to 77,500 after Michael Confos open-shoved on the turn with the board reading 2♦ K♥ 7♠ A♦. Nguyen considered the call for some time, but then elected to lay it down.

Tablemate and former chip leader Joseph Moussa has had a quiet day so far, but is still sitting pretty on 220,000, quite content to take his time.

Jai Kemp seems to has lost his mojo on table 14 - he's shrunk back down to 165,000 while Monica Nguyen soldiers on, doubling through two players to get back up to 115,000. Ola Jernberg is holding steady on 265,000 in chips, though he did lose a pot to PokerStars qualifier Jeremy Norton, who is now on an impressive 285,000.

All the action aside, it is still Yue Wang who is dominating Day 2 of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event, coasting along to an almost certain berth into Day 3 with a monolithic stack of 370,000.

Players we've farewelled so far today include Daren Yoon, Oz Poker Tour's Brad Locking, Narbeh Hovsepian, Matthew onmyVplates Pearson, Harris Pavlou, Ben Savage, US PokerStars qualifier Dennis Hanshew, Ben Delaney, Michael Mayar, David St Eloi, Jeff Lisandro, Sam Jessop, Assadour Assadourian (father of Team Australia player Eric Assadourian), Brooke Howard-Smith, Shaun Gray and WA's favourite son Max Veenhuyzen.