ANZPT Sydney: Let the battle begin!

With less than 30 minutes remaining in level six, poker players start asking themselves the important question - "how in Heaven am I going to push through the Friday night crowd to make it to the free oysters at the Garden Buffet?"

We concur; it's going to be elbows at 20 paces. At least there'll be fewer players after a hectic lead-up to the dinner break on day 1B in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

Slowly, a handful of players have started to peg back massive chip leader Jai Kemp. Still holding more than 200,000 in chips, the charge to cut the gasp is being led by well-known Sydney poker identity Chris Levick.


How easy is this game? Jai Kemp kickin' back before the dinner break

The former proprietor of the PokerDome Group, which ran a chain of tournament poker venues throughout Sydney, Levick's exposure to poker each day has manifested into some handy skills at the table.

He won several seats to the ANZPT Sydney Main Event, and has taken control of his table, which includes highly regarded Aussie pro Jamie Pickering and respected Melbourne cash game player Lisa Walsh. Levick is up to 70,000 and steadily on the climb.

Matthew onmyVplates Pearson has continued his momentum into the latter stages of the day with almost 60,000, but it remains Kemp first, daylight second. And the Team Australia contingent remains intact, although Emad Tahtouh will be looking for some inspiration with his Wagyu to claw back from the felt in the evening session of play.

The list of eliminations so far today includes Dean McIver, Bryan Huang, Billy Sukkar, Ali Khalil, Leo Boxell, Stewart Scott, Bluff Pub Poker Player of the Year for 2008 Suzy Khoueis, James Broom, Michael Pedley and Jonathan Karamalikis.

We're off to fight the hordes (those last 3kgs of shrimp are mine), and when we return, blinds will be at level seven (300/600 with an ante of 75).