ANZPT Sydney: Levy laments as Team Australia tumbles

It's been a horror session for the Team Australia contingent, with Tony Hachem left to wave the flag late into the evening on day 1B of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

Emad Tahtouh's stoic battle to survive into day two is over after he disappeared from the chip count shortly after the dinner break.

Grant Levy shared his tale of woe with all at the media desk: after calling out of the small blind with K♠ J♠, the flop came down Ax-Kx-Jx with one spade. Levy check-called an opponent's bet of 4000. Everyone else got out of the way as the two men saw the turn of the 4♠.


Grant Levy's hopes of saluting the judge once again at Star City have evaporated

Levy open-shoved for his last 11,000 in chips and his opponent called, turning over Ax-Kx for a higher two pair. Needing either a jack or a spade to stay alive, the river didn't produce either, sending 2008 APPT Grand Final winner Grant Levy to the rail. He's human after all.

Celina Lin looked to be cruising around the chip average but found herself when she walked pocket queens into 6-5 on a flop of 6-6-4 and never improved. After final-tabling in the first ANZPT event in Adelaide Lin was hoping for another good showing but only added appearance points to the race for ANZPT Player of the Year honours.

Meanwhile tournament chip leader Jai Kemp has shown some charity and dropped down to 160,000 while PokerDome founder Chris Levick has moved up to 78,000, and Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series High Stakes champion Monica Nguyen has found more luck with the duck, moving up to well over 70,000 in chips.


Duck power drives Monica Nguyen's stack north for the winter

Andrew Jeffreys has also recovered after a poor start earlier into today's session, with a sizeable 60,000 in his stack.

Play is about to tick into the final level for day 1B, with approximately 120 of the 260 players (chip average just under 43,000) chasing a spot in the day two line-up.