ANZPT Sydney: Like sands through the hourglass ...

How much is enough? Players at table 14 clearly have a different concept of "time" as judged by the unusual incident that played out just after the dinner break on day 1B of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

The stragglers were still making their way back to the tournament area when Lisa Walsh made a big bet into a relatively small pot on a board showing 9♥ 2♣ 6♣ [10c]. Kiwi Oliver Gill was perplexed, and went into a tank that resembled a missile silo.


Patience is a virtue, Lisa Walsh

The wait went on, and on, and on ... more than five minutes before one of his tablemates mercifully called time. The New Zealander didn't looked to have made much progress in his decision making process, and mucked.

At a nearby table, a far more engaging battle is raging between high stakes online cash player Harris harrismp Pavlou and Dave Sanis. The first round went to the Queenslander when he committed his chips with K♣ K♥, and was in good shape against the Q♦ Q♠ of Sanis. The flop came 5♥ 3♥ Q♥, giving Sanis a set but he was back in the mire when the A♥ landed on the turn.

Just minutes later, Sanis gained a measure of revenge when he showed the bluff K♣ [10h] on a board of 4♣ 4♣ 9♥ J♥ 8♦ after a bet of 9000 on the river was enough for Pavlou to fold. Forget Hatton v Pacquiao, we'll watch these two butt heads!

In other highlights of level seven, we watched a massive pot on table 24 between 2008 Western Classic champion Marc Des Anges and David Rodwell.

Oz Poker Tour kingpin Brad Locking made it 2675 to go in early position. Des Anges asked for a count on Locking, then re-raised to 5500. The action folded around to Rodwell who tanked for about two minutes before calling.


Marc Des Anges: aces are ... not good here

Des Anges and Rodwell checked the flop of 4♦ 5♣ Q♥, however when the K♥ appeared on the turn Des Anges led out with a bet of 6000. Rodwell raised to 16,000 total, Des Anges re-raised all-in and Rodwell snap-called.

Though Des Anges thought he was ahead momentarily with A♠ A♥, Rodwell rolled over Q♦ Q♣ for a flopped set. The river of the J♣ did not produce the miracle that Des Anges needed, thus Rodwell doubled through to 71,000. Rodwell was modest in his minor victory, quipping, "I owe everything I've learned to Tony Hachem!"