ANZPT Sydney: Puzz is buzzin' as the pressure mounts

Players have just returned from a 10-minute break (with the exception of Paren "Puzz" Arzoomanian, who obviously needed 15) for the final sprint to the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

That extra rest just proved beneficial as he just doubled through Lisa Walsh to reignite his failing challenge. It was Walsh who sweetened the pot with a pre-flop raise to 225,000, then Puzz pushed all-in, putting Walsh to the test.

She called and showed 4♦ 4♥, and it was off to the races with his A♥ K♥. He connected on the flop of K♣ Q♠ 6♣, and stayed ahead as the board ran out 5♠ 2♠. That left Walsh with just 1.8 million, while Arzoomanian climbed back above 3 million.

Most of Puzz's chips had been shipped to Caridad, the final PokerStars qualifier in the field, when they launched a massive pre-flop war. It went 125,000 to Arzoomanian, 450,000 to Caridad, 760,000 to Arzoomanian and all-in from Caridad. Puz folded, and Caridad scooped up more 1.25 million in chips without a card being revealed.


The ANZPT Sydney trophy is tantalisingly close for one of the remaining four players

The ever-changing picture of the chip count currently reads Walsh 1.39 million, Kittos 2 million, Arzoomanian 3.1 million and Caridad 3.21 million. The players are currently discussing a deal, but the negotiations are moving about as smoothly as relations on the Korean peninsula so we expect level 26 to resume soon, with blinds at 40,000/80,000 with a 5000 ante.