ANZPT Sydney: Wang leads race to buffet queue

By Landon Blackhall

We're fast approaching the dinner break here at Star City Casino in Sydney and as the tournament directors hand out complimentary dinner vouchers, some unfortunates who've been eliminated late in level six face the humiliation of having to actually pay for their dinner at the Michelin three-star Garden Buffet.

Damon Lum was responsible for the elimination of one opponent and crippling another after they all found their money in the middle. Lum was well ahead with pocket queens, the female opponent was holding A♥ K♥ and the other opponent held pocket jacks. The flop of 7♥ Q♥ A♠ saw Lum leap from his seat and pump his fist in the air.

The turn of A♦ filled up Lum and by the time the meaningless 3♥ fell on the river, the male opponent was letting himself out through the velvet rope while the female opponent could only sit there and watch Lum stack his newly won chips.

Meanwhile Australian Poker Hall of Fame Inductee Billy 'The Croc' Argyros and APL Wild Turkey Poker Classic runner-up Majed Haddad have been having at it on table 14. We caught the action on the river as the board read 8♠ 3♦ 6♥ 7♦ Q♦. Haddad called Argyros' all-in bet and turned over 8♣ 6♣ for two pair.

"Sorry mate, I've got the nuts," Argyros said as he turned over his K♦ J♦ for the diamond flush. Haddad pounded the table in frustration as 'The Croc' snapped up his 52,000 pot. However Haddad managed to secure a pot from another unknown opponent in the very next hand. He's now sitting comfortably on 26,300 in chips.


It's been a tough day so far for Michael Guzzardi

In other action around the room, Michael Guzzardi is looking despondent as he nurses a very short stack of 5100. Joseph Moussa is looking stylish as his stack has rocketed up to 78,000 and Yue Wang is now the chip leader with 87,300. A total of 145 players still remain in today's flight as the tournament director announces the dinner break.

On that note, we are now heading off to grab ourselves a bite to eat - join us when we return at 8pm AEST to bring you the conclusion of Day 1A of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event!