ANZPT Adelaide: Day 1C, level 2 (blinds 75-150)

2.45pm: Bruno bows out

Bruno Portaro has also just wandered through the exit, having been eliminated at the hands of Australia's Naz Sababi. As Sababi recalled, a player in early position had raised to 550 pre-flop before he re-raised to 1500. Portaro four-bet it to 6000, the initial raiser folded and Sababi called to see a flop of J-8-3 (rainbow).


Bruno Portaro went from eighth place in the 2009 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event to being the eighth player eliminated today

Portaro then snap-shoved and Sababi went into the tank before making the call, tabling pocket kings and found himself ahead of Portaro's A-K. The turn and river came running fours, ending Portaro's hopes of successive ANZPT Adelaide Main Event final tables.

2.30pm: Early finish for Pierre

Fresh from his 18th-place finish in the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event, South Australian State of Origin representative Pierre Aoukar has been given his marching orders by Queensland's Mark James.

On a flop that read 2♣ J♥ K♣, Aoukar moved his money into the middle with A♥ K♠ for top-top, but was snap-called by James who tabled 2♠ 2♥ for a flopped set. The turn and river ran out 8♦, 3♠; James improved to 29,500 in chips and Aoukar hit the road.

2.15pm: Back to the future

It's great to see some of Australia's poker pioneers in today's field, including two men who won the Australasian title here in Adelaide - Bob Crossman (1989) and David Gorr (1996). Australian Poker Hall of Fame inductee Billy Argyros, Tino Lechich and Martin Comer were also regulars here in the 1980s and 1990s, and are playing today.

ANZPT kingpin Danny McDonagh has just announced that the Main Event field has reached 236 (up from 215 last year), meaning a prize pool of almost $650,000. We'll confirm details of the official numbers and payouts as soon as they're available.

2pm: Dodds claims first scalp

ANZPT Player of the Year third-place finisher Joel Dodds has climbed to 41,000 in chips after eliminating Australian PokerStars Qualifier John Zima. After some heavy pre-flop betting action, all of their money ended up in the middle; Zima showed K♥ K♣ but was stunned after seeing Dodds table A♥ A♣.


After reaching two ANZPT final tables in season one, Joel Dodds has started 2010 on a positive note

The board ran out 6♦ 4♥ [10d] J♠ Q♦ and Zima, a 33-year-old railways worker from Sydney, who had only qualified for this event through PokerStars on Sunday night, was the first player eliminated from today's field. "I've gone through it about six times in my head, but I wouldn't have done anything differently," Zima said.

• Compiled by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall