ANZPT Adelaide: Day 2, level 13 (blinds 1200-2400, ante 300)

7pm: Moussa flushed late in the day

George Moussa scored an amazing double-up in the last few hands of the day through fellow Aussie Andy Kemmler. Moussa had his money in the middle pre-flop with A♦ Q♠, and found himself against Kemmler's A♥ Q♣. It looked to be a definite chop with the flop of 5♣ 8♦ Q♦, but Kemmler was crippled when the turn and river fell J♦ K♦.

A short time later Andrew Hinrichsen found some luck against an opponent, cracking and subsequently crippling the opponent's K♥ K♣ with A♣ Q♦ when he hit the overpair on the board of [10h] 8♣ A♠ 3♠ J♠. However popular Adelaide player Frank Agostino wasn't so lucky, getting his money in good with A-7 against Michael Vanderhorst's 10-7, but Vanderhorst hit the 10-high straight on the turn.

6.45pm: Hills flattened by "The Moose"

In an unexpected twist, PokerStars Qualifier Raemin Alexander has sent day one overall chip leader Roy Hills to the rail. Hills raised to 10,000 before the flop and the action folded around to Alexander in the small blind who made the call to go heads-up to a flop of 8♦ 7♣ 6♠. Alexander led out for 13,000, Hills min-raised to 26,000, Alexander snap-shoved and Hills insta-called with A♠ A♥. Alexander pumped his fist and cried, "yes!", tabling 8♠ 8♥ for the set.


Moose power has helped propel Raemin Alexander to the top of the chip count

A murmur went through the room when the dealer produced the 5♥ on the turn, giving Hills the potential chop, but the river Q♥ was not one of his outs. Hills murmured, "it happens," before shaking hands with Alexander and walking away. "Jake the Moose" is the outright chip leader going into the end of the day with more than 430,000 in his stack.

6.30pm: James jumpin' for joy

Australian Sam Haddad was spotted heading for the exit after being sent to the rail at the hands of fellow Aussie Mark James, who was ecstatic after the board was spread A♠ 3♦ 8♣ 2♥ Q♦. He spiked a set on the turn with 2♠ 2♣ against Haddad's A-4 (offsuit) before their table was broken.

Meanwhile, Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian scored a crucial double-up through Ben Savage - Assadourian moved all-in with K♠ K♥ and was well ahead of Savage's A♣ K♣, but looked very concerned when Savage caught the flush outs on a flop of Q♦ 2♣ [10c]. The turn 6♦ and river Q♠ gave Assadourian the pot and bolstered his stack back to 100,000.

6.15pm: Big names busted

The tournament is over for ANZPT Melbourne champ Chris Levick and The Poker Star winner Amanda De Cesare. Levick's pocket queens didn't improve against the pocket kings of Pankaj 'Paul' Gogia while De Cesare lost with kings when Mike Watson's Q♥ [10h] found three hearts on the board. The field is down to 46 players with less an hour of play remaining.

Eric Assadourian's hopes of a first ANZPT cash have taken a hit after losing a big hand against Michael Vanderhorst. The Team Australia Pro called Vanderhorst's all-in pre-flop bet with Q♠ Q♥, and found himself racing A♣ K♥. Neither hand connected, but the board of J♣ 6♣ 2♣ [10c] 4♠ gave Vanderhorst a flush, and 145,000 in chips. Assadourian fell to 50,000.

6pm: Good Evans

Chris minesony Evans has shot towards the top end of the leaderboard with 187,000 in the space of two hands. Evans first eliminated fellow Aussie Ronnie Shabtay, getting his money in good with A♥ A♦ against Shabtay's K♣ [10c] - despite Shabtay hitting on the flop of K♥ Q♥ 2♠ and picking up a straight draw with the turn of the 9♦, Evans held when the river bricked with the 4♠, shafting Shabtay out of the tournament.


Chris Evans has been the big mover in the penultimate level of the day

Evans then doubled through Andrew Hinrichsen on the next hand - on a board that read 9♣ 3♦ 6♦ [10s] 5♣, Hinrichsen had tabled 5♦ 2♦ but was no good against the 3♥ 3♣ of Evans who had flopped bottom set. Hinrichsen was left with 81,000 in chips.

• Compiled by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall