ANZPT Adelaide: Day 2, level 8 (blinds 400-800, ante 75)

2pm: Curtain falls on "The Big Show"

There's been a steady stream of KOs in the opening hour of play, with departures including Julian Cohen (his fours were no match for the pocket aces of George Boulos) while the pocket sixes of Andrew Jeffreys were outflopped by the K-Q of Aleks Brkovic.

Steve "The Big Show" Topakas has also departed. The larger-than-life Aussie poker personality, coming off three $100,000 tournament prizes in the past 12 months, was ahead with A-Q against the K-10 of Chris Zenonos but the local player paired his cards at either end of the board to leave "The Big Show" looking for an early flight home.

1.30pm: Santa's satellite sensation

For 62-year-old Roy Hills, his direct buy-in into the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event was a Christmas present - it's kept on giving as he starts day two with the overall chip lead with 118,850. However Adelaide Casino could be considering a new marketing campaign for a December satellite series if Hills and Adelaide's Jason Homa both make deep runs in this year's tournament.

Homa received a $75 tournament buy-in as a present last Christmas, but when he arrived at Adelaide Casino to play, he didn't realise until the tournament was over that it was in fact a direct satellite into this year's ANZPT Adelaide Main Event - his very first live tournament.


Christmas has stretched well into February for Jason Homa

"I've only ever played two pub poker events in five years, other than that just at home with my mates every now and then," Homa said. "It's funny - my mates are the ones that are gung ho about it, playing online and everything and we all got buy-ins from our wives for Christmas, but I was the one who got the seat!"

Having been called up to work in the country during this week's tournament, the 41-year-old construction manager was not sure if he could play, however Adelaide Casino poker manager David Galpin gave him an idea to bring the boss around.

"I told Jason that last year's first prize was $170,200 (won by Karl Krautschneider). I said that he should offer 10 per cent of his action and if he refused, he should offer him 25 per cent!" Galpin said.

When Homa went to his manager the next day, his offer was refused but the counter-offer was even better. "My boss gave me the whole week off for the event but win, lose or draw, I have to buy him a bottle of Grange!" Homa said.

1pm: Here we go ...

It took just 75 seconds for the cry of "all-in, call" to emanate from the floor as the short stacked players make their intentions clear in the first orbit on day two of the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event. Amin Chehade and Jack Panagioutou were KOed in the first five minutes from table 13 alone.

Just after 2009 Aussie Millions champ and former Adelaide resident Stewart Scott gave the order to "shuffle up and deal", ANZPT commish Danny McDonagh announced that it would be a short day, with just six one-hour levels scheduled.

12.30pm: Intriguing seat draw sets up day two

Though there are only 122 players returning for day two of the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event, there's going to be no shortage of action with some interesting table draws.

Australian PokerStars Qualifier Sam Rotar (third in chips overall with 84,500) has been drawn along side with Aussie online phenoms Andrew Jeffreys, Aleks Brkovic and Jonathon Karamalikis, while on table nine, ANZPT Player of the Year runner-up Chris Levick is seated next to 2009 APPT Grand Final champion Aaron Benton.

Australian PokerStars Qualifier Bruno De Silva (second in chips with 85,275) is facing up against fellow Aussie PokerStars Qualifier Ben Savage, who is fresh off his 27th place finish in this year's Aussie Millions Main Event. Bruno's twin brother Nuno De Silva is on table eight, alongside Kristian Lunardi and John Delassandri.

The Butcher boys also have a fight on their hands - Ben Butcher is sharing space with 2009 Aussie Millions Main Event champion Stewart Scott, Australia's Martin Comer (fourth in chips overall with 84,350) and America's Tony bond18 Dunst, while Todd Butcher is seated with Tino Lechich, Tom Grigg and Raemin Alexander.


That bloke looks familiar: Tony Hachem will have good mate and fellow Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian on his immediate left for the start of day two

However the biggest story in the Adelaide Casino Poker Zone today is that of the two remaining Team Australia Pros, Tony Hachem and Eric Assadourian, who are seated side-by-side on table two!

• Compiled by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall