ANZPT Adelaide: Final table, level 20 (blinds 6000-12,000, ante 1000)

2.20pm: Terrific turn for Tony

Tony Hachem has quickly climbed back up the chip count after taking down a nice pot against Michael Sellars. Hachem raised to 31,000, Sellars called and they saw a flop of 8♥ [10c] 7♦. Hachem bet 47,000, Sellars called and the turn fell K♠. This time, Hachem shoved all-in for 260,000, Sellars grinned meekly and piffed his cards. Hachem showed K♥ K♣ for a turned set ... that's kings twice in the first level for the "Spider", who continues to spin his web of intrigue.

2pm: Todd Butcher eliminated in 9th position, $15,465

The last of the four twins in the ANZPT Adelaide field, Todd Butcher, is the first player eliminated from the final table. The last of Butcher's chips were committed after the flop of J♠ 7♣ 6♣ after Andrew Scarf had bet 250,000.


Todd Butcher's tournament ended when Andrew Scarf made his flush on the river

Scarf called and showed A♣ K♣ for the flush draw while Butcher held top pair with A♦ J♦. The turn K♦ didn't help either player, but the river J♣ gave Scarf his flush and Butcher meaningless trips. That hand sent Scarf's stack north of one million.

1.45pm: Hachem's kings cracked

It took precisely two hands for the ferocious action of day three to be replicated, with Tony Hachem calling the all-in of Daniel Neilson after Hachem's initial pre-flop raise to 27,000.
It was the pocket kings for the "Spider" against Neilson's A♠ Q♣ but the tide turned against Hachem after a rich run late yesterday when the board came 9♠ A♦ 2♣ 3♣ 5♥. That hand slashed Hachem's stack back to 340,000, while Neilson leaps to more than 550,000.

1.30pm: Cards are in the air

Players have just arrived for the ANZPT Adelaide final table, with a nice crowd gathered around the studio that has been constructed in the VIP area of Adelaide Casino, just a short distance from the main Poker Zone area.


The stage is set for the first ANZPT final table of 2010

With local players Michael Sellars, Octavian Voegele and Todd Butcher at the final table, supporters have turned out in force to cheer on the hometown boys. Blinds have been wound back one level to 6000/12,000 with an ante of 1000 for the start of play, and cards will be in the air in a few moments.