ANZPT Adelaide: Final table, level 22 (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2000)

4.30pm: Benton leads the cheers

Rennie Carnevale was in the audience at Star Casino in Sydney when Aaron Benton won the 2009 APPT Grand Final. A well-refreshed Benton is returning the favour here today, leading the support crew for fellow Wollongong resident Carnevale as he continues his steady progress up the chip count.


Rennie Carnevale has the lion's share of support at today's final table

After a pre-flop raise to 55,000 from Andrew Scarf, Carnevale slammed back over the top for 436,000 all-in. Scarf didn't need long to decide there would be better moments to enter the fray.

4.15pm: Scarf rocks "The Croc"

Andrew Scarf isn't the most orthodox of poker players, a fact that is keeping the other six players on their toes. The Sydneysider just swept up more of Billy "The Croc" Argyros' chips after an intriguing hand in which Argyros bet 55,000, Scarf made it 141,000 total and Argyros called. Both players checked the flop of [10s] A♥ 6♦, then Scarf bet 80,000 on the turn K♥ to claim the pot. Argyros is still scratching his head.

4pm: High Rollers back in the Poker Zone

The ANZPT Adelaide schedule is almost complete, with a $4400 High Roller event underway in the Poker Zone at Adelaide Casino. The field included Team Australia Pro Grant Levy, Tino Lechich, Joel Dodds, Jonathan Karamalakis, Emanuel Seal, George Moussa, Peter Aristidou and UK pro Harry Demetriou.

Meanwhile in the VIP area, Rennie Carnevale has taken off the gloves and started to make some moves since the last break. His two all-ins have met with no interest, with the imposing figure of the 21-year-old earning the respect of his more experienced tablemates.

3.45pm: Aleks Brkovic eliminated in 8th position, $20,620

A dejected Aleks Brkovic has left the ANZPT Adelaide final table after being eliminated at the hands of Daniel Neilson. Brkovic shoved with 3♠ 3♣, found himself behind Neilson's K♥ K♣ and things didn't improve when the flop fell K♦ Q♥ 2♥.


Fresh from his cash in the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event, Aleks Brkovic has added an ANZPT final table to his CV

The board ran out 6♠ 2♣ and Brkovic was off to the cage to collect his $20,620 for eighth. That pot leaves Neilson within a whisker of chip leader Andrew Scarf.