ANZPT Adelaide: Day 1A, level 2 (blinds 75-150)

2.45pm: Boxell bows out

It's unusual to see too many players so early in a tournament, and even stranger to see two depart on the same hand so it was with dismay that we watched a huge hand between Andrew Hinrichsen, Leo Boxell and another opponent with the board reading 7♠ 2♠ 4♦ A♣. Hinrichsen shipped the rest of his stack over the line, causing Boxell to slam his chips in. The opponent looked over at both players before she announced "all-in".


2009 APPT Grand Final third-place finisher Leo Boxell is among the first to hit the rail

Hinrichsen tabled 5♠ 3♠ for the turned wheel, ahead of Boxell who tabled A♦ 7♥ for a turned two pair and the opponent's flopped set with 4♥ 4♣. A meaningless 5♦ fell on the river; Boxell politely shook hands with Hinrichsen before leaving but the other player stormed off angrily. Hinrichsen now has the dominant chip lead over the rest of the field, heading into the first break of the day with 61,300 in chips.

2.30pm: Mountt flattened

Danny Mountt has earned the unwanted title of the first player to be eliminated in season two of the ANZPT. "The biggest problem I have is that I'm a non-believer," he said as he departed the Adelaide Casino tournament area barely 90 minutes after the first hand had been dealt.

Having first got his money in on the turn with A♦ [10d] on a board that read J♣ [10h] A♠ 2♠ 6♦, he was distraught after seeing his opponent Paul Mann table K-Q for the nut straight. Leaving him with only 50 in chips, we was forced all-in on the big blind on the very next hand, managing to pick up Q-9 and hitting the on the board of [10h] 9♥ 5♦ 7♣ A♦, but ran into Richard Klein's pocket kings, sealing his fate.

2.15pm: Off to a flying start

Adelaide's Steve Baulderstone is ready for take-off, having arrived for today's flight in his trainee pilot uniform. The 27-year-old Adelaide Casino satellite winner from the local suburb of Plympton just started his first year of an Advanced Diploma in Aviation. Bizarrely, he admitted that he's afraid of heights. "I'm always looking for a challenge and to confront my fears," he said.


Steve Baulderstone: From trainee flight to day one flight

We also discovered that it wasn't steeling himself for flying that gave him the edge over his opponents. "I actually work as a counsellor right now. From that I learned how to read people and that's helped a lot," he said.

Baulderstone has been playing poker for almost 10 years, both online and live and would be happy to make a deep run in this event: "It's about $70,000 for the course so hopefully I'll win some cash and that'll pay for me to fly!" he said.

1.45pm: Back where it all started

The poker craze has caught casinos around the world on the hop, as the competition for space is fierce. But like most Australian casinos, Adelaide responded to the demand by establishing a 14-table poker space known as the Poker Zone. The room has quite a nice feel, with the rail stretching to the adjacent sports bar from where friends and family can keep an eye on the goings-on in the tournament area.


Adelaide Casino's Poker Zone, venue for the 2010 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event

Games have been spread here since the casino opened in 1985, with the first Australasian Championships played in 1987. The honourboard of champions includes several of the biggest names in Aussie poker, including WSOP bracelet winner Gary Benson. Now, a new generation of players are making their mark in the spiritual home of Australian poker as they pursue the opening title in season two of the ANZPT.