ANZPT Adelaide: Day 1A, level 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4.45pm: And now the rematch

Steve "The Big Show" Topakas has pegged one back for the Victorians, doubling up to around the starting stack of 20,000 through South Australian Mish Blanusa. Having seen fellow Victorian Tony Paino eliminated after running kings into aces, Topakas had the aces this time, tabling A♠ A♣ against Blanusa's K♥ K♣. The board was spread 6♠ J♦ 2♠ A♥ K♦; Topakas also improved to a set on the turn and the river king was merely salt into the wound for Blanusa.


Don't mess with "The Big Show"!

4.30pm: Interstate rivalry simmers

The good old days of State of Origin football clashes between "The Big V" and the "Croweaters" may be long gone, but the rivalry between Victoria and South Australia certainly hasn't died. Tony Paino got the last of his short stack into the middle with pocket kings before the flop, but South Australia's John Scardigno snap-called with pocket aces, improving to a set of aces on the turn to eliminate Paino.

Scardigno gave him a parting shot as he headed to the rail in alleged revenge of Paino's trash talk when he was on the table. Paino looked livid, but Adelaide Casino tournament director David Galpin was quick to settle their dispute and issue Scardigno with a warning. Paino's good mate and fellow Victorian Steve "The Big Show" Topakas is now trading words with SA's Mish Blanusa and as a result, a supervisor has been placed on peacekeeping duties over their table.

4pm: Two of a kind

It would be easy for the players in today's Day 1A flight to think they were seeing double - as it turns out, we have twin brothers Ben and Todd Butcher seated in the opening session of the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event.


We're pretty sure this is Todd Butcher ...

Apart from sharing a passion for poker, the 39-year-old twins own and run a tanning salon in the Adelaide suburb of West Beach. Both of them bought directly into the tournament, however Ben is the more experienced of the two, having been playing for four years while Todd has been playing for two years.


... which would make this Ben Butcher, we think

That's not to say Todd's been left behind - he's chalked up one cash on Ben during the preliminary events here at the Adelaide Casino, taking fourth place for $1300 in the $265 Bounty Freezeout event. He's also the twin with the most chips, currently on 46,000 while Ben is on 34,000.