ANZPT Adelaide: Who needs roses and chocolates?

So what to do for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year? Treat the wife/girlfriend to a quick feed in Gouger St AKA Adelaide's Chinatown and hot-foot it to Adelaide Casino for the final table of the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event.

Welcome to the finale of the first ANZPT event for 2010. After five days in the Poker Zone, the final table is being relocated to the nearby VIP area that will allow spectators (including our MSG-fuelled lovebirds) a great view of the chase for the first prize of $165,900.

Entering today's play as chip leader is 52-year-old Sydney trader Andrew Scarf, who led the majority of day three before finishing the session with 820,000. But he faces a tough battle to hold out the most accomplished and experienced ANZPT final table in tour history.

Leading the charge is Team Australia Pro Tony "Spider" Hachem. After winning the ANZPT Player of the Year gong in 2009 with cashes in four of the five events, this is his first ANZPT final table (and first major final table on home soil).


Tony Hachem's image will be keeping watch on Tony Hachem at today's final table

Also challenging for the title is Australian poker legend Billy "The Croc" Argyros - the second player to reach two ANZPT final tables - and three of Australia's most promising young players: Daniel Neilson, Aleks Brkovic and Rennie Carnevale. Throw in form local player Octavin Voegele and a couple of amateurs in Todd Butcher and Michael Sellars and the scene is set for another classic ANZPT showdown.

The first hand will be dealt at 1.15pm, and we'll be here until the 2010 ANZPT Adelaide trophy is being hoisted by the champ. ANZPT Adelaide final table

Seat 1: Octavian Voegele 538,000
Seat 2: Rennie Carnevale, PokerStars Player 636,000
Seat 3: Daniel Neilson, PokerStars Qualifier 280,000
Seat 4: Billy Argyros 260,000
Seat 5: Andrew Scarf, 820,000
Seat 6: Tony Hachem, Team Australia Pro 631,000
Seat 7: Michael Sellars 339,000
Seat 8: Aleks Brkovic 723,000
Seat 9: Todd Butcher 398,000