ANZPT Canberra: Day 1B, levels 4-6 updates

6.10pm: Lackovic left four-lorn

Nik Lackovic has joined brother Aleks on the rail after losing a massive pot to Sam Rotar. The money went in on the turn, with Lackovic showing A-K for top pair but Rotar had flopped a set of fours. The PokerStars Qualifier now holds an imposing stack of 130,000, good for the overall chip lead with more than three hours to play.

5.50pm: Filling up

The day 1B field has been condensed into seven tables with 68 players remaining. PokerStars Qualifier Sam Rotar still has his foot to the floor and has climbed to 90,000 to again be the clear chip leader. It's a much livelier evening in Casino Canberra with the long weekend crowd gradually filling up the tables around the tournament area.


Sam Rotar has been the dominant player to this point of day 1B

5.30pm: Danny's done

Jesse Maguire has just picked up one of the bigger pots of the day in claiming the scalp of Danny Joukhadar, who final-tabled two events in the first season of the ANZPT. Maguire is up to 60,000 and challenging for the chip lead. But we've just farewelled the ever-popular publisher of Australian Poker Weekly Alfred Markarian, whose top pair was overtaken by an opponent's trip aces.

5.10pm: Sam I am

Bigger stacks in the room belong to Sam Rotar (75,000), Brendon Rubie (62,000), Con Angelakis (55,000), Hugh Cohen (48,000) and Donna Ciric (45,000). At the mid-point of level five, 76 of the 97 players who started the day are still in contention for a day two berth.


Yann Pauchon is hard to miss in the tournament area

4.50pm: Pauchon punching on

Play has slowed considerably after ticking into the second half of the day with no eliminations so far in level five. We just watched Yann Pauchon double up to 16,000 when his A-K held up against an opponent's A-Q, while the presence of Mike Ivin having a bite to eat in the Windows on the Park Restaurant would indicate the ANZPT Sydney runner-up has been eliminated.

4.30pm: Smoke 'em if ya got 'em

It's break-time for the 79 players who've survived the opening four levels on day 1B of the ANZPT Canberra Main Event. That confirms the field at 181 players, who are playing for a piece of the $362,000 prizepool and a first prize of $95,930.

4.10pm: "As your little boat struggles through the warning waves"

Action aplenty today at Casino Canberra after a fairly sedate day 1A, with ANZPT Sydney champion Angelo Hamataj the latest to hit the rail. And did you know that Karl Wallinger, the man behind World Party's classic 1987 hit Ship of Fools, played the guitar upside down - yep, more '80s greats today.


Angelo Hamataj's hopes of back-to-back ANZPT crowns have ended

3.50pm: Hachem out, game on

The race for 2010 ANZPT Player of the Year award has been thrown wide open with the elimination of Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem. On a flop showing K-4-3 with two spades, Hachem's chips ended up in the middle with J♠ 7♠, while Simpson showed pocket threes for a set. The turn A and river 10 didn't help Hachem, ending his run of three successive ANZPT cashes. The next 10 players behind Hachem on this year's ANZPT Player of the Year leaderboard are all playing here in Canberra.

3.30pm: Level 4 (100/200, ante 25)

There's one more hour for players to enter the first ANZPT Canberra Main Event. With field of 181 at this stage, ANZPT commissioner Danny McDonagh indicated that 21 players would earn a slice of the prizepool but we'll confirm the exact details later today.