ANZPT Canberra: Day 1B, levels 7-8 updates

8.30pm: And the lucky winner is ...

ANZPT commissioner Danny McDonagh has declared five hands to play on day 1B of the ANZPT Canberra Main Event. It's looks as if we'll have around 90 players in action tomorrow.

8.10pm: Mike check

There's action aplenty on the Casino Canberra floor - unfortunately, it's coming from a Pai Gow table where 2009 APPT Sydney winner Aaron Benton is holding court. The remaining 56 players in the ANZPT Canberra Main Event seem content to play out the final 30 minutes without too much drama. Michael O'Grady has been the big mover in the past 30 minutes, improving his stack to almost 100,000 and into clear second chip position behind Sam Rotar.


Michael O'Grady remains on track for back-to-back ANZPT final table appearances

7.50pm: Kick-off or stack-off

Ticking down towards the end of day 1B (about 45 minutes to play), there's a great atmosphere in Casino Canberra with the locals hitting the tables in force while watching their beloved Canberra Raiders take on the North Queensland Cowboys in a National Rugby League clash.

It's fair to say that more than a few big-stacked players are more interested in watching the footy than grinding the final hour of day 1B, but for the short stacks, it's a tense time. At least six players are down to under 10,000 in chips.

7.30pm: Level 8 (400/800, ante 75)

We've watched some impressive survival efforts from Chris Levick and Peter Aristidou this afternoon. Both have been hovering around the 10-12,000-mark for the past three levels. On our past three rounds of the room, Aristidou's stack has changed by less than 100 each time.

Levick isn't the only past ANZP champ who's reached the latter stages of day 1B. Scott Kerr, the 2009 ANZPT Queensland winner, has been seated opposite Levick today and has remained around the chip average since the opening hand.

7.15pm: Hello ladies

The sight of the Canberra Raiders promo girls have caused quite a commotion in the tournament area. No one should be allowed to wear such an outfit in such an unforgiving climate. Well done girls, everyone appreciates your sacrifice.


The things Team Australia pros will do for PokerStars - thanks Hach

7pm: Comer claws back

Award for comeback of the day goes to Aussie poker veteran Martin Comer. Down to barely 6000 when moved to the abyss that's been table nine, Comer has climbed back to almost 60,000 leaving him ideally placed to reach day two. Sam Rotar remains chip leader with more than 140,000.

6.45pm: Level 7 (300/600, ante 75)

Players have just taken their final break of the day, leaving two hours to go before stumps are called for the night. Just before the break we caught the animated Michael O'Grady talking the head off on an opponent after he'd announced all-in on a king-high flop. Reluctantly, the cards went into the muck, with O'Grady showing pocket sevens. By the look on the face of his opponent, we're guessing one of his cards was a king.