ANZPT Canberra: Final table profiles

The 2010 ANZPT Canberra Main Event final table has been decided. The nine players are chasing a first prize of AUD $95,930 and the title of the first ANZPT Canberra champion. Play will continue at level 19 (5000/10,000 with an ante of 1000). Each of the players sought some inspiration from former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam before taking their seats ...


Seat 1: Michael Chon, Perth, WA, PokerStars Qualifier (1,359,000 in chips): He started day two on 40,000 - less than the chip average - but this 50-something from Perth crushed the field yesterday and brought a massive stack of almost 830,000 to the final day. He's vastly experienced with more than 30 years on the green felt but hasn't played many live tournaments. Indeed, this is his first tournament cash. The father-of-two is the publisher of a Korean-language magazine in Western Australia.


Seat 2: Aaron Benton, Wollongong, NSW, PokerStars Qualifier (218,000 in chips): Having qualified for every season three APPT event this year online, the 32 year-old recruitment consultant known online as azzabentonaces was working in Singapore when he finished runner-up in a major online tournament worth USD $262,500. He went on to win the 2009 APPT Grand Final in Sydney, stamping his reputation as one of the merging stars on the Australian poker scene.


Seat 3: John Maklouf, Sydney, NSW, PokerStars Qualifier (240,000 in chips): A 31-year-old manager with six years of online and live experience, this Star City regular qualified for the ANZPT Canberra Main Event via a PokerStars satellite. He placed sixth in the last ANZPT event held in Sydney and is eyeing the trophy after coming so close in his home casino. He started the day strongly but lost half his stack to chip leader Michael Chon on the cusp of the final table.


Seat 4: Martin Rodwell, Canberra, ACT (28,000 in chips): It's only appropriate that the return of major tournament poker to Casino Canberra is marked with the appearance of a local player at the final table. That man is Martin Rodwell, a 37-year-old Canberra barista and father of two. He's only been playing poker for two years but has shown the poise and patience to nurse a short stack through much of day two and the early stages of day three to reach the final table. He brings the outright short stack to the final table.


Seat 5: Adam Cameron, Wollongong, NSW, PokerStars Qualifier (380,000 in chips): One of three players from the New South Wales regional centre of Wollongong, the 22-year-old made his major tournament debut at the most recent ANZPT event in Sydney. He's studying financial services while also putting in some quality hours playing cash games online. Despite his lack of experience, Cameron has been among the more solid performers of the past day and a half.


Seat 6: Rennie Carnevale, Wollongong, NSW, PokerStars Qualifier (344,000 in chips): This PokerStars Supernova doesn't fit the stereotype of a poker pro. Known online as steel44, the Wollongong youngster recently qualified to compete in the Australian Junior Powerlifting Championships. A housemate of 2009 APPT Grand Final winner Aaron Benton, Carnevale is aiming to become the first player to win two ANZPT titles after his victory in Adelaide at the start of season two.


Seat 7: Andrew Scarf, Sydney, NSW (820,000 in chips): Having played poker as a child with his family, the 52-year-old share trader jumped at the chance to take part in tournament poker after its surge in popularity in 2005. Scarf was among the top performers in Adelaide where he finished runner-up to Rennie Carnevale. Amazingly, the same two players will be matching wits at today's final table, with Scarf eager to go one better this time out.


Seat 8: Alan Al-hantosh. Melbourne, Victoria, PokerStars Qualifier (351,000 in chips): This 27-year-old has been the story of the day so far. He started with one of the shortest stacks in the field but has steadily climbed the count to be among the genuine contenders for the title. A business owner from Melbourne, he qualified for ANZPT Canberra on PokerStars - an impressive effort given he's been playing poker for only one year. He's the sole Victorian at a final table dominated by New South Welshmen.


Seat 9: Jason Gray, Sydney, NSW (539,000 in chips): Don't let the unassuming demeanour of this poker pro fool you. He's one of the nation's most respected players and has featured in Australia's (and the world's) biggest cash games for more than two decades. His best tournament results have come in recent years - he won the $15,000 buy-in event at the 2007 Victorian Championships, then placed third in the $10,000 Omaha Hi/Lo Split World Championship at the 2008 WSOP for more than USD $200,000 and was runner-up to Martin Rowe in the 2008 APPT Grand Final.