ANZPT Canberra: The only way is up

Thankfully we have a great day of poker ahead at Casino Canberra, because the country is feeling a bit glum this morning after Germany gave Australia a football lesson in this morning's World Cup game in Durban, South Africa.

The hardier souls kicked on through the night for the 4.30am kick-off, while the rest of us set the alarm and blearily watched the destruction. Declaring the result and deciding it was time for a spot of brekky, we quickly discovered that the mercury had yet to crack 0° (try -3°) outside. Add to that the fact the ANZPT commissioner Danny McDonagh has again been snubbed in the Queens's Birthday honours and, well, the day can only improve.

Welcome to the first Monday finale to a ANZPT event, with tour organisers making the most of the long weekend the country is enjoying. It promises to be an intriguing day, with 15 players eyeing one of nine spots at the final table.

Some players have headed to the home, although we ran into a couple of players this morning who were planning to make the short trip south of Canberra to enjoy the early-season snowfalls at the ski resorts in the nearby Snowy Mountains.


Some players have elected to test out their snowboarding skills today, ahead of the next ANZPT event in New Zealand's alpine paradise of Queenstown

But many have stayed to enjoy the final day of the ANZPT Canberra Main Event, with some of Australia's most popular and accomplished players still in the hunt for the title and the first prize of $95,930. Play is scheduled for a 12.15pm start, with a short break scheduled before the final table kicks-off mid-afternoon.