ANZPT Melbourne: Levels 13 & 14 (blinds 1500-3000, ante 300)

4:20pm: Ten-minute break

4:18pm: Neilson busts Caridad in monsterpotten!

Moments before the break, a massive pot unfolded on table 32 and once again it was Dan Neilson who was in the thick of things with the biggest pot of the tournament to date.

In a re-raised pot it was Neilson and John Caridad who collided with the chips going in on the turn on a board of 5♥6♣Q♥8♦. Caridad held ace-queen for top pair, top kicker but Neilson held K♠K♥ for the overpair.

The river was the 3♥ and Neilson raked in a pot worth around 600,000 chips to again run away with the chip lead as Caridad was sent crashing to the rail in dramatic fashion.


John Caridad has fallen just short of the money at the hands of Daniel Neilson

4:08pm: Right colour, wrong suit for Harach

Constantin Harach has been eliminated after losing a preflop race for his last 32,000 against David Chilcott. It was Harach's T♠T♥ for the pair against the A♥K♥ overcards of Chilcott which connected with the board of A♣K♣7♦6♣Q♣.

With four clubs on board, Harach slapped his black ten as it was the right colour but wrong suit as he departed the poker room. Chilcott continues his surge up the leaderboard today as he's now up to 290,000.

3:50pm: One table from the money

Now that we are just one table away from the money, the instructions have been given by Crown Tournament Director for all players to remove their iPods as per the playing terms and conditions. However this seems to have also reminded the players that we're approaching the bubble, which has caused play to tighten up significantly.

James Obst is our chip leader with around 300,000, with Tyron Krost, John Caridad, Daniel Laidlaw, Ryan McKay, David Chilcott and Daniel Neilson close behind.

3:30pm: Rawkz runs into Raj

Liam O'Rourke has been eliminated just short of back-to-back ANZPT cashes. His last chips went in preflop with A♦3♦ against the J♣T♥ of Raj Ramakrishnan, with the board running out K♦Q♥6♥T♣5♣.

Ramakrishnan caught a pair of tens to take it down and move up to 142,000.

3:20pm: Level up, blinds 1500-3000, ante 300

3:13pm: Big pairs not enough Zmukic and Iskander

A couple more well-known players have crashed as we rapidly approach the money bubble with 50 players remaining.

Mark Iskander has been eliminated when his pocket jacks ran into the pocket queens of Tony Paino. A full house on the flop for Paino left Iskander drawing to a miracle but it wasn't to be.

Joining him on the rail is Vesko Zmukic who was one of the last players in contention for the ANZPT Player of the Year. His last stand came when his Q♣Q♥ couldn't overcome the A♥K♣ of David Chilcott when the board ran out A♣4♦4♣7♠6♥. Chilcott moves up to 235,000.

With Zmukic's elimination we've just received word that if Andrew Scarf can finish in 17th place or better then he will take the points lead in the Season 2 ANZPT Player of the Year race.

3:05pm: Smooth as Silk

Jackson Zheng open-shoved his last 18,600 from under the gun and play folded around to Danny Silk who re-shoved to isolate the short stack. It worked as the big blind mulled over his decision before folding ace-queen. Silk showed A♦7♣ as Zheng opened Q♦4♦. The board ran out J♠6♥A♠T♣6♠ to move Silk up to 68,000 while Zheng hits the rail.

3:00pm: McKay runs over Brkovic

Aleks Brkovic has been sent to the rail in a big clash with the giant-killing Ryan McKay. The chips went in on a flop of 7♦4♣K♥ with Brkovic tabling K♣9♣ for top pair but he found himself out-kicked by the K♠Q♥ of McKay.

The turn was the A♠ and river the A♦ to leave Brkovic to make a hasty exit and McKay to stack up close to 200,000 in chips.

2:48pm: Fogarty falls

PokerStars online qualifier Ed Fogarty arrived a little late day, but he's now going home a little early after being eliminated from the tournament.

The Irishman open shoved his last 32,000 from under the gun with A♠T♠ but Josh Budin re-shoved with A♣K♣. The board brought a sweat but ultimately the 8♠J♣7♣2♠Q♥ board missed both players to send Budin the pot. Fogarty is eliminated as Budin moves up to 140,000.

2:40pm: Here comes Tyron

We haven't mentioned Tyron Krost too much in this tournament as he's been moving along quietly without too much fanfare, but we just caught him in the middle of the action as he sent a short-stacked opponent to the rail.

Krost held 6♣6♥ against his opponent's A♥K♥ and the pair held up on the T♥8♥T♣3♠Q♦ board. The 2010 Aussie Millions champ is now up to 140,000.


Tyron Krost may be laying low, but his chip stack is starting to climb high

2:20pm: Play resumes

The players have grabbed a quick snack, stretched their legs and found their way back to their seats for the continuation of play. There are now only seven tables, or 63 players remaining in contention, with Dan Neilson, Martin Rowe, James Obst and Andrew Scarf amongst our chip leaders.

At the other end of proceedings, WSOP bracelet winner Simon Watt was spotted making the lonely trek out of the Crown Poker Room, indicating that his day is done.


Simon Watt hits the rail in the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event