ANZPT Melbourne: Levels 19 & 20 (blinds 6000-12000, ante 1000)

11:45pm: Silk succumbs on final hand of the day

The action didn't stop until the final hand was dealt with Danny Silk and Raj Ramakrishnan getting busy on the last hand of the evening. The chips were in preflop with Silk's J♦J♠ up against the A♥K♣ of Ramakrishnan.

With Silk's rail yelling for any number of baby cards, it wasn't to be as the board fell A♠A♦2♦T♦T♥ hitting Ramakrishnan to give him the pot and eliminate Silk from the tournament. He'll collect $10,850 for 12th place as Ramakrishnan will return tomorrow with a rather healthy stack.

With that, a frantic day two has come to an end with just 11 survivors. It will be Kristina Jeney who will enter the final day with the chip lead with 960,000, ahead of James Obst (798,000) and Ben Savage (760,000).

We'll have the complete counts and a wrap of the day's play for you shortly.

11:42pm: English-Smith eliminated

The very next hand Logan English-Smith committed his last chips with K♠7♠ against the A♠T♦ of Joe Allis. The board ran out A♣9♠4♦A♥3♦ to eliminate English-Smith in 13th place.

The dealers were then given instructions to deal three more hands on every table before we wrap up play for the day.

11:39pm: We have a new chip leader!

Kristina Jeney has captured a monster pot to leave Logan English-Smith on the verge of elimination. The action went down on a flop of A♦3♥5♦ with Jeney on the draw holding K♦2♦ as English-Smith held A♣9♣.

Jeney had outs to a straight and flush, and connected with both as the 4♦ turn landed to leave English-Smith drawing dead. The meaningless river was the J♣ as Jeney doubled up to 960,000 and into the chip lead!


Kristina Jeney has snared the chip lead!

11:27pm: Two more down

After a lull in action we've just had back-to-back eliminations to see our field reduced to 13.

First it was Jie Gao who hit the rail at the hands of Kristina Jeney. The chips were in on a flop of T♠J♣4♣ with Jeney pushing all in holding Q♠J♥and Gao calling off his last chips with T♣9♠. The turn was the 6♠ and river the 6♦ as Gao's quest for repeat ANZPT Melbourne final tables fell just short.

A moment or two later it was Alex Palantinis all in for his tournament life against fellow short stack Danny Silk. The chips were in preflop with Palantinis holding 4♦4♣ against Silk's A♣Q♦. The board was spread Q♣6♠5♦A♠K♦ to give Silk two pair and eliminate Palantinis in 14th place.

Both players receive $9,690 for a fine tournament.

11:05pm: Tyron Krost eliminated

One of our marquee players in 2010 Aussie Millions champion Tyron Krost has been eliminated from the tournament. After being down to just 15,000 in chips a little earlier, it was a great fight back from Krost to get himself back into contention, but his run fell just short of another Crown final table.

Nguyen opened for a raise before Krost moved all in over the top with K♠Q♣, however Nguyen made the call with a dominant A♠Q♦.

The board fell 3♠2♦Q♥5♣9♦ to give Nguyen the pot and eliminate Krost in 16th place for a collect of $8,525.


Tyron Krost eliminated in 16th place

10:45pm: Level up, blinds 6000-12000, ante 100

10:40pm: It's all about the timing

The day of PokerStars qualifier Nicholas Owens has come to an end after he made a move holding 2♦2♥ on a flop of 3♥6♥5♠. The only problem was that David Chilcott was sitting there with the nuts holding 4♠7♠.

The Q♠ turn and J♦ river completed the board as Owens finishes in 17th place for $8,525 in prize money.

10:32pm: Neilson and Scarf crash and burn

Another simultaneous bustout has left Andrew Scarf and Daniel Neilson chopping up 18th place.

Andrew Scarf was denied in his quest to reach 17th place and the top of the ANZPT Player of the Year leaderboard after he shoved his A♣8♣ and was called by the J♣Q♠ of Amanda De Cesare. The board ran out 2♠3♦5♦Q♣5♥ to pair the queen and eliminate Scarf from the tournament.

On the other table at the same time, Daniel Neilson had his tournament life on the line. He had raised to 22,000 and found one caller before James Obst popped it to 65,000. Neilson moved all in to force a fold from the third player, but Obst called.

Neilson: A♣K♥
Obst: 9♣9♦

It was a huge race to win and it went the way of Obst as the cards landed 9♠8♥Q♣A♠4♣. Obst jumps to 700,000 and the chip lead as Neilson will be a little disappointed with 18th place.

Both Neilson and Scarf will take home $7,942.50 in prize money.

10:22pm: Cockle Cut

Next to head home is Andrew Cockle who found his last chips in the middle with A♥K♠ to be racing against the pocket nines of Logan English-Smith.

The board fell Q♥9♠K♦3♣J♥ and despite spiking a king, English-Smith made a set to take down the pot and eliminate Cockle in 20th place.

10:19pm: Two more head to the cashier

The eliminations are coming thick and fast as we've just lost another two players.
Brad Bower picked a bad time to four-bet jam as he ran his pocket threes into the pocket aces of Logan English-Smith. The board ran out Q♠T♣7♥Q♣9♠ and Bower was bundled out in 22nd place for $6,590 in prize money.

He was soon followed by Tony Paino who shoved over the top of the opening raise of Ryan McKay. Paino held pocket fives but McKay called with pocket eights. The board landed K♦9♠K♣9♥3♦ as Paino gets the next pay jump to $7,360.

One player who is loving the carnage is Andrew Scarf who is quietly attempting to nurse his short stack into at least 17th place. If he can do that then he'll snatch the lead in the ANZPT Player of the Year race!

10:05pm Savage's double KO

Martin Rowe's fight with his short stack has come to an end, and it was in dramatic fashion as Ben Savage eliminated both Rowe and Qi Xu in the same hand.

Rowe moved all in preflop for 83,000 with Savage and Xu making the call. The two live players saw a flop of 4♦9♦2♥ and Xu moved all in for his last chips from the big blind with Savage snap-calling.

Rowe: A♦T♣
Xu: J♦J♥
Savage: 9♥9♠

Savage had flopped top set and it held to eliminate both players. Rowe takes 24th, Xu gets 23rd while Savage gets a whole lot of chips - 585,000 to be exact. Savage final tabled this event last year and looks set for a repeat performance as he moves amongst the chip leaders.


Martin Rowe has been eliminated from the ANZPT Melbourne

9:55pm: On death Rowe

It's been a wild few minutes for 2008 APPT Sydney champion Martin Rowe. First, he doubled up the short-stacked Nicholas Owens before finding a double up of his own - with the worst hand taking down the pot both times.

Owens open-shoved the button with Q♠3♠ but Rowe called in the big blind with 9♥9♠. A lady on the flop gave Owens the double up to 230,000 and left Rowe crippled with just 20,000.

They were in the middle moments later with T♠9♦ only for Rowe to find himself dominated by the A♠T♥ of Danny Silk. The board ran out T♣6♥8♦K♠9♠ to give Rowe two pair to stay alive. He's up to 40,000 with Silk slipping to 90,000.

9:45pm: Play resumes

After a brief pause of the clock to colour up and race off the black 100-denomination chips, the players are back in the seats and play has resumed.

We've been informed by ANZPT Tournament Director Danny McDonagh that we'll be only playing another two levels tonight regardless of the number of eliminations. The only exception to that would be if we reached our final table of nine, which is highly unlikely.