ANZPT Melbourne: Levels 26 & 27 (blinds 30000-60000, ante 5000)

9:25pm: James Obst eliminated in 2nd place; Martin Kozlov wins!

It's all over and our new ANZPT Champion is Martin Kozlov!

The final hand came when Kozlov opened the button to 125,000. James Obst responded with a three-bet to 350,000 to send Kozlov into the tank. He came out with a four-bet to a total of 850,000. Obst didn't waste any time in declaring himself all in. Kozlov looked up at his opponent and announced a call. On their backs!

Obst: A♣K♣
Kozlov: 9♦9♣

After three days of blood, sweat and a few tears, the six-million chip pot, and the title, had come down to a coinflip.

The dealer spread the flop J♦5♦3♥ and there was no help for Obst. The turn was another brick, as the 6♣ hit to leave Obst needing a king or ace on the river to stay alive. The way he had been running, we half-expected him to connect with the river, but the dealer burned a card and revealed the 4♣ to leave Martin Kozlov as the 2010 ANZPT Melbourne champion!

Kozlov entered today as the short stack of the field and when it was all said and done, he'd overcome all odds to collect the trophy and $195,700 in prize money!

Also a big congratulations to James Obst who virtually led this tournament the whole way, only to fall just short at the last hurdle. That major live title eludes him (for now) but $124,000 should soothe any wounds.


ANZPT Melbourne runner-up James Obst

That concludes our live coverage from the Crown Poker Room, but we'll have a complete wrap of the day's proceedings for you shortly.

9:16pm: Another small one for Obst

James Obst raised the button to 125,000 with Martin Kozlov made the call to see a flop of A♣7♥4♦. Kozlov checked and Obst bet 150,000. Kozlov called once again to see the T♦ fall on the turn.

Kozlov checked and Obst splashed the pot again with a bet of 325,000. It was too much for Kozlov as he let his hand go.

9:04pm: Ace-high good enough for Obst

Martin Kozlov raised the button to 125,000 with James Obst making the call in the big blind. They took a flop of K♦T♦3♥ and both players checked. The turn was the 4♥ and Obst led out with a bet of 150,000. Kozlov made the call before both players checked down the 2♥ river.

Obst opened A♦6♣ for just ace-high but it was enough to take it down. It's nearly back to even again with Kozlov holding 3.3 million to Obst's 2.9 million.

8:48pm: It's one-way traffic

Martin Kozlov has taken down another sizable re-raised pot. He opened to 125,000 from the button before James Obst made it 250,000 in the big blind. Kozlov called and the flop landed K♥K♠5♦.

Obst came out swinging for 300,000 and Kozlov called as another K♦ hit the turn. Both players checked and the river was the A♥. Again both players checked it down.

Obst showed T♦9♦ for ten-high as Kozlov opened 6♥5♥ for a full house. Kozlov is up to over four million in chips and a two-to-one lead over Obst.

8:35pm: Level up, blinds 30000-60000, ante 5000

8:30pm: Kozlov takes the lead

An intense pot has gone the way of Martin Kozlov as he's now claimed the chip lead for the first time.

Kozlov raised the button to 100,000 before James Obst three-bet to 300,000. Kozlov made the call as the flop came down K♦K♣3♠. Obst led out with a bet of 300,000 and Kozlov called and the A♦ fell on the turn.

Obst checked it over to Kozlov who fired 625,000. Obst deliberated and slid out calling chips as the biggest pot of the tournament was already in the middle before the 2♠ completed the board.

Obst checked quickly to Kozlov who moved all in for his last 1.15 million to send Obst deep into the tank. After a good four minutes of thought, Obst released his hand and Kozlov raked in the monster pot without showdown.

With that pot Kozlov is now up to 3.7 million, ahead of Obst's 2.5 million.

8:25pm: Kozlov rockets back into contention

James Obst raised the button to 100,000 before Martin Kozlov splashed the middle with a re-raise to 275,000 from the big blind. Obst didn't waste any time in declaring himself all in, and Kozlov was even quicker to make the call.

Obst: A♦7♠
Kozlov: A♥A♠

Obst was going to need a miracle to escape from this one but not even the great Andy_McLEOD could win this one as the board ran out 9♥Q♣2♥4♠K♦. Kozlov doubles to 2.6 million with Obst back down to 3.6 million.


Martin Kozlov is back in contention!

8:20pm: Kozlov chips away

The pots have been relatively small in the early stages of heads-up play with both players feeling each other out with min-raises and small bets.

In a recent pot, James Obst raised the button to 100,000 with Martin Kozlov calling in the big blind. The flop landed T♦2♥2♣ and Kozlov check-called for 100,000 before both players checked the A♠ turn. On the 8♦ river Kozlov led out for 275,000 and Obst let it go.

Kozlov has chipped away slightly at the deficit and is now up to 1.3 million. Obst has 4.9 million.

8:10pm: Heads-up counts

We're now heads-up for the title!

James Obst holds a healthy chip lead with 5.145 million to Martin Kozlov's 1.055 million. The trophy is now on the table and the cards are in the air!


8:05pm: David Chilcott eliminated in 3rd place

James Obst raised to 100,000 from the button and David Chilcott moved all in for around 500,000 in the small blind. Martin Kozlov stepped aside as Obst took a second look at his hole cards before announcing a call.

Obst: K♣J♦
Chilcott: A♠2♠

Chilcott held a slight lead and paired up on the 9♣2♥Q♠ but Obst picked up a straight draw to go with his overcards. The turn was a great card for Chilcott as the 2♣ fell to give him trips and leave Obst drawing to just the ten to make the straight. Who would've ever doubted it, as the T♦ landed on the river to fill his gutshot and leave Chilcott in a state of shock.

After winning his seat through a Joe Hachem Charity Event, Chilcott has turned that seat into $68,900 for his 3rd place finish.


David Chilcott eliminated in 3rd place

7:47pm: Chilcott freerolls a chop

David Chilcott open shoved the button for around 600,000. Martin Kozlov folded but James Obst made the call.

Chilcott: A♠5♣
Obst: A♥5♠

It looked like a chop until the first four community cards arrived 2♣T♠8♣K♣ to give Chilcott a freeroll to a club flush. It wasn't to be as the 4♠ hit the river. Chop it up!


Three-handed play at the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event

7:41pm: Kozlov's lucky nine

David Chilcott raised to 125,000 from the small blind before Martin Kozlov moved all in
from the big blind. Chilcott insta-called.

Chilcott: A♥J♠
Kozlov: A♣9♥

The first four community cards of 7♠7♦6♥4♥ loomed grim for Kozlov but there were gasps around the rail as the 9♠ spiked on the river for a three-outer to stay alive! Kozlov doubles to around 1.35 million with Chilcott now down to just 600,000.

7:32pm: Amanda De Cesare eliminated in 4th place

The dinner break hasn't slowed down James Obst as he's just eliminated PokerStars sponsored Amanda De Cesare immediately upon the resumption of play.
Obst raised the button to 100,000, before De Cesare moved all in for her last 445,000. Obst made the call.

De Cesare: K♣8♣
Obst: K♠J♠

De Cesare was dominated and couldn't improve on the 4♦6♥9♣5♦6♦ board. She'll pick up $53,855 for her 4th place finish as Obst is up over 4.1 million in chips.


Amanda De Cesare eliminated in 4th place

7:30pm: Play resumes

The players are back on the felt following the dinner break as the quest for the ANZPT Melbourne Championship continues!