ANZPT Perth: Day 1B, level 2 (blinds 75-150)

2.40pm: Dodds sets up KO

Players are slowly starting to make their way to the main tournament area as tables break in the Burswood poker room. Six of the 139 starters have hit the rail, the latest courtesy of the 2009 ANZPT Player of the Year third-place finisher Joel strongplay Dodds.


Joel Dodds is eyeing a third ANZPT final table here in Perth

After some meaty pre-flop action, Dodds and his opponent saw the flop fall [10s] 5♣ 4♠. Dodds raised to 2100, his opponent to 6000, all-in, call. Dodds showed pocket 10s for a set, while his opponent shook his head before showing pocket aces. The board ran out 4♥ 2♥, making Dodds a full-house and shooting him to the top of the chip count.

2.10pm: Team in turmoil

It's been a tough start to day 1B for the Team Australia contingent with Grant Levy down to less than half of his starting stack (9500) while Tony Hachem has clawed his way back to 10,000 after being as low as 6000. Eric Assadourian holds 16,500 while Team Asia's Bryan Huang is on 17,000.

While checking on Emad Tahtouh's stack (now 28,000), we witnessed one of the more remarkable hands in ANZPT history. All nine players saw a flop of J♣ 3♦ [10s], but Giuseppe Merenda and Ronnie Shabtay were the only two players to see the turn come 6♠ and river J♥. Shabtay showed Q-9 for complete air, but Merenda thought he heard his opponent mutter straight and mucked his winning Q-J. Ouch.

1.50pm: Horror hit to Hachem

If Tony Hachem is to improve on his astounding record of five cashes in six ANZPT events, he's going to have to do it the hard way. The Team Australia Pro paid off an opponent's full-house on the river and watched his stack plummet to 6500.


Tony Hachem has someone familiar looking over his shoulder on day 1B of the ANZPT Perth Main Event

It was the second time that A-K had been a bogey hand for the 2009 ANZPT Player of the Year after he split the opening pot of the day against another player's A-K. However, a steelier Hachem took the beat in his stride and is already plotting his comeback.