ANZPT Perth: Day 1B, level 5 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

5.45pm: Krost's new quest

The day 1B field has been reduced to 98 from the starting field of 139, leaving just three tables in the Burswood poker room. Quietly seated at one of those tables is an unassuming 23-year-old from Sydney by the name of Tyron Krost.

But even his best attempts to stay under the radar are failing as players hold up the cover of a local poker magazine to discover that less than two months ago, he pocketed AUD $2 million as winner of the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event.


Safe to say fame hasn't gone to the head of this respectful young man who's still coming to grips with the scale of his achievement and new-found fame. He holds 23,000 in chips heading into the second half of day 1B.

5.20pm: Keeping it in the family

We thought the record of two sets of twins would be hard to top, but the family appeal of poker is again being underlined here in the ANZPT Perth Main Event. The Butcher twins (Todd and Ben) and the Da Silva twins (Bruno and Nuno), who we first met in Adelaide, have again suited up for an ANZPT event.


Ben and Todd (or is that Todd and Ben) Butcher have journeyed to Perth after making such a splash in the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event

We've also got husband and wife combinations (Andrew and Helen Davis; Gary and Sandy Retalliack), father and son entrants (Bryan and Jack Huang) and brothers (Nik and Aleks Lackovic).

5pm: Lunardi's alive

Kristian Lunardi's tournament life was on the line on the final hand of level four when he shoved in his remaining 14,000 on a board showing 2♣ 9♣ 2♥ [10d] 8♥. South Australian Fred Chaptini thought long and hard before sending his hand into the muck.

That pot took Lunardi's stack above 40,000 for the first time today. Given the choice between taking a break and watching the action, the majority of the field huddled around the table to see how the hand played out. Poker players; can't help themselves!