ANZPT Perth: Day 1B, level 6 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

6.40pm: Triple triumph for Levy

After being down to less than 4000, Team Australia Pro Grant Levy has clawed back to almost 40,000 after a second triple-up. Levy's A♥ K♥ was up against the 6♥ 6♣ of 2009 APPT Grand Final third-place finisher Leo Boxell and K♠ 9♣ of another player. The board ran out Q♥ 8♠ A♦ 9♦ K♣, giving Levy both pots and a stack of almost 40,000. With just over 20 minutes left in level six, 82 of the 139 starters are still in the hunt for a day two berth. The chip average is up to 32,300.

6.20pm: strongplay all the way

No clear chip leader had emerged on day 1B, until now. Joel strongplay Dodds has smashed through the 90,000-chip barrier after flopping a set of jacks and calling an opponents all-in on a board showing J-6-K-6-10. His opponent mucked once Dodds showed his full-house, and the affable Sydneysider scooped up the biggest pot of the day.

We also just watched Mike Spiklin's pocket queens overtake an opponent's A-K on a board that ran out Q-10-6-J-J. Spiklin is up to 50,000 as a result. His opponent headed off in the general direction of the packed Burswood poker room, where the $550 buy-in teams event is about to kick off.

6pm: Emad exits

Emad Tahtouh's hopes of a first ANZPT cash have ended late in level five on day 1B of the ANZPT Perth Main Event. After a strong start to the day, his remaining chips were in the middle with pocket queens, only to find himself up against the pocket aces of Chris Evans. The board blanked, Tahtouh was down to 1700 and out the next hand.


A pair of Grant Levys will always beat one Grant Levy

Better news for fellow Team Australia Pro Grant Levy, who shoved his short stack of 3500 and found two callers. Sandy Retalliack scared the other player out of the pot with an all-in bet after the flop, and her A-K was ahead of Levy's pocket jacks on a board of A-2-3. But Levy hit a jack on the river to cling to his tournament life.