ANZPT Perth: Day 3, level 17-18 updates

4.25pm: Four more gone, two to go

Reigning Western Classic champion Vesko Zmukic claimed two scalps on the same hand after calling all-ins from Dutchman Onno Zwart and Daniel Laidlaw. Zwart showed A♦ [10d], Laidlaw held [10c] [10h] while Zmukic revealed A♥ K♠. The board of K♥ 8♠ 8♥ 5♠ 6♦ gave Zmukic the pot and sent the two PokerStars Qualifiers off in 14th and 15th spots respectively.


One of the two remaining internationals, Onno Zwart, has been eliminated just short of the final table

Almost as quickly, two more players were eliminated on table 19. John Curtis departed in 13th, followed by Chris Evans, who picked the wrong time to move with K-Q as Aleks Lackovic woke up with pocket aces. A board of 2-2-K-2-10 gave Evans a full-house, but Lackovic's aces held up with the highly rated Aussie online player out in 12th - his second ANZPT cash in as many events.

4.05pm: Level 18 (4000/8000, ante 500)

Dutch PokerStars Qualifier Onno Zwart broke the silence with an all-in bet of 87,000 pre-flop, which got Dale Marsland thinking, and chatting. After a quick admonishment from Burswood poker manager Deb Wyatt, Marsland zipped it, and mucked it - pocket eights. Zwart showed pocket 10s, nice fold sir.


A one-two combination and Paul Sharbanee is out for the count in 16th

Over at table 19, Paul Sharbanee is also down to the felt after he called the all-in of Zaffer Soemya with [qc A♠. Soemya showed Q♠ Q♦, and they watched the dealer reveal 3♠ 5♦ 9♦2♣ 6♠. Down to 25,000, Sharbanee was KOed in 16th shortly after when John Curtis' A-6 improved to two pair against pocket eights. He takes home AUD $6400.

3.50pm: Time to catch the breath

A generous rail, including Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian, has gathered around the two remaining tables in the tournament area at Burswood Casino for an intriguing Saturday afternoon of poker where 16 players are out to reach the ANZPT Perth Main Event final table. After a torrid start to the day, play has finally slowed with small pre-flop raises enough to take down most pots.

3.30pm: (Un)luck of the Irish

Eoin Kennedy's stay at the pointy end of the chip count didn't last long after losing a pot worth 420,000 to Ray Ellis. On a flop of J♥ J♠ 2♥, Kennedy bet 100,000, Ellis shoved all-in and Kennedy called. It was Ellis' K♣ K♥ against [10d] [10h] for the Irishman. The board ran out J♦ [10d], giving Kennedy a full-house but Ellis held a bigger boat.


Ryan Bochorsky's big slick lost a race to the ladies of Tu Le and he's out in 17th

And we've just watched a dejected Ryan Bochorsky make his way to the payout desk to collect his AUD $6400 for 17th after Tu Le's Q♥ Q♦ held firm against the A♦ K♥ on a board that fell 2♠ 3♥ 8♦ 3♣ 4♣. That pot, worth 540,000, takes Tu Le north of 800,000 and into the outright chip lead.

3.15pm: Down to two tables

The remaining 17 players have just been redrawn into two tables for the run to the final nine and a spot at the first ANZPT Perth Main Event final table:

Table 17

Roman Konopacki 410,000
Vesko Zmukic 220,000
Wade Beavis 330,000
Dale Marsland 290,000
Onno Zwart 140,000
Tony Hachem 210,000
Jimmy Wong 300,000
Daniel Laidlaw 210,000

Table 19

John Curtis 62,000
Chris Evans 120,000
Zaffer Soemya 90,000
Eoin Kennedy 420,000
Ryan Bochorsky 130,000
Tu Le 510,000
Paul Sharbanee 110,000
Aleks Lackovic 300,000
Ray Ellis 220,000


We'd be smiling too: Eoin Kennedy has charged up the chip count to trail only Tu Le

3pm: Ben savaged

Fresh from a top 30 finish in the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event, Ben Savage has collected his first ANZPT cash, worth AUD $5100. The short-stacked Savage committed the last of his stack with A-3, but was outkicked by the A-K of Zaffer Soemya.


Ben Savage's impressive start to 2010 continues with 20th at ANZPT Perth

Two more players have been eliminated in quick succession - PokerStars Qualifier Michael Spilkin (18th) and Lachlan Mitchell (19th), leaving 17 players in the race for one of nine spots at the first ANZPT Perth Main Event final table.