ANZPT Perth: Dream destination on the front doorstep

Australia's indigenous fauna has fared poorly from introduced species, which makes the Quokka either the luckiest or smartest little guy in the animal world. Thanks to the absence of foxes and feral cats, these small kangaroo-like marsupials are alive and thriving on Rottnest Island, which lies a short 18-kilometre ferry trip to the west of Perth.

One of the state's top tourist attractions, equally popular with locals and visitors, Rottnest Island features some of the Australia's finest beaches (more than 60) and bays, and the chance to get up close and personal with the quokka.


With no predators save a few errant cyclists, quokkas thrive on Rottnest Island

No cars are allowed on the island, but such is the size of Rottnest Island that hiring a bike is the best way to get around and find your own secluded beach. History buffs can explore the island's past as a prison for Aboriginals and an internment camp during World Wars I and II but most come to recharge their batteries, with great accommodations options suiting all budgets and activities including diving (12 shipwrecks lie in the nearby waters), snorkelling, surfing.

There are few better experiences in Western Australia than kicking back with a beer at the Quokka Arms pub and enjoying one of the best beachside vistas anywhere in the world.


Rottnest Island: Paradise just a short hop from Perth

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