ANZPT Perth: Final table, level 20-21 updates

2.40pm: Jimmy Wong eliminated in sixth place, $26,800

Crowd favourite Jimmy Wong completed an impressive ANZPT Perth carnival with victory in the Pot Limit Omaha event and sixth in the Main Event. The end came for the ultra-popular restaurateur when he shoved all-in with Q♣ J♦, with the call from Vesko Zmukic holding A♣ J♠.


Win or lose, he's still smiling: Jimmy Wong

The board flowed [10s] A♦ 8♣ 2♠ 4♥ to give Vesko top pair and Jimmy Wong more than AUD $25,000. Players are taking their first break of the day, while Team Australia pro and final table MC Eric Assadourian rests his golden tonsils.

2.30pm: Zaffer Soemya eliminated in seventh place, $21,700

He started the day as chip leader, but the day didn't pan out the way Zaffer Soemya had planned. In three-way action, Tony Hachem, Dale Marsland and Soemya watched a flop of Q♠ 3♠ 4♣. Marsland shoved for 222,000, Soemya quickly followed him into the hand for his last 214,000, which put Hachem to a big decision.

He thought long and hard before mucking. Marsland showed 2♦ 5♦ for the open-ended straight draw against Soemya's Q♦ 7♦ for top pair. The turn 6♦ made Marsland's hand, and the river K♦ signalled the end of Soemya's tournament.

2.15pm: Some joy for Soemya

Finally, a chance for everyone to catch their breath after a hectic start to the first ANZPT Perth Main Event final table, and a change of luck at last for Zaffer Soemya, who shoved his short stack of Q♣ [10h] on a flop of 2♦ 4♠ Q♦, only to find Jimmy Wong had woken-up with A♠ A♦. But the turn [10s] gave Zaffer two-pair, and he stayed in front on the river 8♠.


Finally an injection of chips for Zaffer Soemya after a tough start to his first major final table

Shortly after, Dale Marsland shoved over the top of the bet of 64,000 from Aleks Lackovic, with the chip leader making a quick call. Both showed pocket queens, no flush, and the dealer went to work splitting the pot. There's just over 20 minutes remaining in the second level of the day, with the chip average up to almost 615,000.

2pm: Hachem enters the fray Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem has featured in his first big hand of the day, and it ended well for the defending ANZPT Player of the Year. Hachem, Zaffer Soemya and Dale Marsland saw a flop of Q♥ 6♥ 2♦; Hachem checked, Marsland bet 87,000, Soemya folded and Hachem called.

On the turn 4♦, it went check-check, then Hachem shoved all-in for more than 280,000 on the river 7♥. Marsland didn't have think too long before sending his cards to the muck. Hachem is up to 600,000, while Marsland falls to 290,000.

1.45pm: Level 21 (8000/16,000, ante 2000)

The action continues at fever pitch ... Dale Marsland and Tu Le saw a flop of A♠ 5♣ 8♠, Marsland bet 66,000 and Tu Le called. On the turn 6♠, Marsland announced "all-in" and Tu Le snap-called, showing 8♥ 8♣ for a set, while Marsland's A♦ J♦ needed help. The case 8♦ wasn't one of those cards as Tu Le improved his stocks to 600,000 while Marsland fell to 500,000.

1.40pm: Eoin Kennedy eliminated in 8th place, $16,600

The excitement of the Lackovic-Soemya hand had barely subsided when Eoin Kennedy showed all-in for 200,000 over the pre-flop raise to 32,000 from Vesko Zmukic. The 2009 Western Classic champion called and showed pocket kings.


Eoin Kennedy stretched his short stack to eighth position - not a bad collect for a guy on holidays!

Kennedy revealed A♣ 5♣, and although the board of 7♠ 4♣ 4♦ 3♠ 5♦ improved his hand, the kings held up and Kennedy, the affable Irishman (aren't they all) was off to collect more than AUD $16,000 from Burswood poker manager Deb Wyatt.

1.25pm: Lackovic lands massive pot

The first ANZPT Perth Main Event final table has been turned on its head after Aleks Lackovic took down a massive pot against chip leader Zaffer Soemya. Action kicked off with a raise to 41,000 from Soemya, with a call from Lackovic. The flop fell [10d] J♥ 5♦.
Lackovic checked, Soemya bet 155,000 and Lackovic announced all-in.

Soemya agonised, asked for several counts and eventually called, showing [10h] [10c] for middle set. Lackovic held A♦ 4♦ for the flush draw, but the turn 2♠ and river 3♠ gave him an unlikely straight and the biggest pot of the tournament: 1.4 million. A philosophical Soemya has been crunched down to barely 250,000.

1.10pm: Dale the dominator

Dale Marsland has picked where he left off yesterday as the aggressor. He popped Aleks Lackovic's pre-flop bet of 36,000 to 112,000 total, with Lackovic making the call. The flop fell Q♦ 2♥ 8♣ - check, check - before the turn 4♣. Marsland bet 140,000, Lackovic said no mas and Marsland scooped up the pot of 230,000.

1pm: Wade Beavis eliminated in ninth place, $12,750

The first orbit had just been completed when Wade Beavis announced all-in from the hijack for 121,000, with Eoin Kennedy coming over the top for 160,000 total. It was 5♠ 4♠ for Beavis, and A♦ 9♦ for the Irishman.


Burswood poker manager Deb Wyatt has the best job around today - presenting prizes to players like Wade Beavis, our ninth-place finisher

The flop improved Kennedy's hand - 9♣ J♦ Q♠ - with the turn [3♥ and river 4♦ sending the aspiring golf pro on his way in ninth place. Chip average is now up to 537,000, with eight players remaining and 45 minutes to go in the opening level of the day.

12.55pm: Marsland on the mark

Dale Marsland captured the symbolic first pot of the final table, while Eoin Kennedy's all-in on the third hand of play attracted no interest. We're keeping a close eye on Kennedy and Wade Beavis, the two players under immediate pressure due to their short stacks.

12.45pm: Level 20 (6000/12,000, ante 1000)

As players start to arrive for today's final table, we just received a visit from Dutch duo Onno Zwart - a PokerStars Qualifier - and Yves Molin just popped past the media desk. "Thanks for a great time, we've loved every minute of it". Only dilemma now is whether to watch the final table or check out some of the sights of Perth. "Think we'll head out now but come back a bit later."


... and we're underway

Burswood poker manager Deb Wyatt is currently making the introductions of the nine ANZPT Perth Main Event final table participants. A big rail has already gathered, but we're expecting more spectators to arrive during the day. Blinds have been wound back one level to 6000/12,000 with an ante of 1000 for the start of the final table.