ANZPT Perth: Final table, level 22-23 updates

5pm: Hachem snares the lead

Players took an extended break to talk about a deal, but there was no decision and the trio are back at the table. Three-handed, pretty tight, pick your marks, right? Uh-uh. Tony Hachem has taken off the gloves and is the new chip leader after a huge against Vesko Zmukic. The 2009 Western Classic winner raised to 41,000 pre-flop, Hachem called and they watched the flop come 6♠ Q♥ 4♦.


An exasperated Vesko Zmukic has steadily leaked chips since play reached three-handed

Zmukic bet 150,000, Hachem called and the turn fell A♥. Zmukic immediately bet 200,000, Hachem snap-shoved all-in and Zmukic reluctantly mucked but tapped the table when Hachem showed pocket sixes for middle set. A few hands earlier, Hachem had shoved all-in over the top of a pre-flop raise to 60,000 from Zmukic and Lackovic's call. Zmukic called, Lackovic called and it was off to the races - A♠ K♠ versus A♣ K♥. No flush for either player, and the pot was split.

4.20pm: Dale Marsland eliminated in fourth place, AUD $38,300

The gallant run of Dale Marsland has ended at the hands of Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem. After the reigning ANZPT Player of the Year raised to 100,000, Marsland shoved all-in for 320,000, with Hachem making the call.


Tony Hachem's charge towards a first major title is gathering momentum

Marsland showed A♦ 6♠, and found himself trailling Hachem's A♥ Q♥. The flop fell 5♥ 6♥ 3♥ for the nut flush, the turn came Q♣ and the river 2♠ to eliminated Marsland in fourth, while Hachem is up to 1.1 million. Aleks Lackovic leads on million, with Vesko Zmukic on 1.4 million.

4.05pm: Tu Le eliminated in fifth place, AUD $32,000

Tu Le's chips were again in the middle but this time, Aleks Lackovic didn't waste much time making the call. It was Tu Le's A♠ Q♥ against the 4♣ 4♥ of Lackovic, and the first four cards - J♠ J♦ [10s] 8♠ - gave the 2009 Western Classic runner-up plenty of hope.


Tu Le missed a myriad of outs to be eliminated in fourth place

Despite having a flush draw, numerous straight draws and any ace or queen to hit, Tu Le watched the river fall 6♥. After a great comeback today, the 24-year-old student is out in fifth place for AUD $32,000.

3.50pm: Level 23 (12,000/24,000, ante 300)

The price of poker has increased to more 50,000 per round with the start of a new level in the ANZPT Perth Main Event. After a frantic start to the day, no players were eliminated during level 22 although short stacks Dale Marsland and Tu Le kept everyone on their toes with some carefully timed all-in bets. Average stack is now more than 850,000.

3.35pm: Hachem puts Lackovic to the test

Tony Hachem sent Aleks Lackovic deep into the tank with an all-in bet of 424,000 over the top of the Perth player's original raise to 100,000. Thinking, thinking ... eventually the cards go into the muck, Hachem shows pocket queens, while Lackovic claims he mucked pocket jacks. If true, nice fold sir.


Chip leader Aleks Lackovic channels the chip-building spirit and skill of Mark Vos

After that hand, Hachem climbed to 650,000, ahead of Tu Le on 420,000 and Dale Marsland on 350,000 but trailling Lackovic (1.5 million) and Vesko Zmukic (1.25 million). There's less than 10 minutes to play in level 22.

3.20pm: Standing room only

The rail packed around the ANZPT Perth Main Event final table is by far the biggest we've seen at any ANZPT or APPT event. Sure, four of the five remaining players are locals, but credit players, friends and family for lending their support to the finale of the biggest tournament ever played in Western Australia. They're being rewarded with a highly entertaining afternoon of poker.


Perth's poker fraternity has turned out in force for the first ANZPT final table ever played at Burswood

3pm: Level 22 (10,000/20,000, ante 2000)

Chips are becoming much harder to win with the reduction of the field to five players heading into the third level of the ANZPT Perth Main Event. Vesko Zmukic pushed all-in on a flop of A♥ 4♥ 4♠, with no interest from Dale Marsland.


Attack has been the best form of defence for Dale Marsland

The Perth schoolteacher then turned the tables with all-in of his own after Tu Le had opened for 60,000 pre-flop and Aleks Lackovic had called. Neither player called. Incidentally, Eric Assadourian has been replaced on the tournament microphone by fellow Team Australia Pro Grant Levy. Emad Tahtouh, you're up next!