ANZPT Sydney day 2: Level 11 (800/1600, ante 200) & 12 (1000/2000, ante 200) updates

4.30pm: 100, and counting

We've cracked the top 100 in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event after less than four hours of play on day two. The atmosphere is heaving once again as friends and family keep close tabs on the players chasing a slice of the AUD $892,000 prize pool.

Those who've advanced their position during this level include Quoc Nguyen (190,000) and Pana Flourentzou (175,000) while Hugh Cohen, Todor Kondevski, Andy Meldrum and Petar Lackovic have been eliminated.

The miserable day of Patrick Woodley has also come to an end. After starting the day fourth in chips, the Wollongong-based player tilted badly after his set of 10s were cracked by Tian Shou's flopped flush earlier in the day.

4.15pm: Croc skinned

Billy "The Croc" Argyros hopes of successive ANZPT final table appearances has ended just outside the top 100 after running pocket jacks into an opponent's pocket queens. But Joel Dodds remains on target for another high finish in his home ANZPT event, with a stack marginally above the average of 82,000. New Zealand PokerStars Qualifier Elliot Nicholls is also out after shoving pre-flop with 10-2. The call came from a player with A-K, and Nicholls was on his way after the board fell J-7-8-6-A.

4pm: Perth form is good form

ANZPT Perth is proving a great formguide for ANZPT Sydney. Champion Tony Hachem and final table finishers Vesko Zmukic, Jimmy Wong and Dale Marsland are still in contention for back-to-back final tables. Marsland just took down a big pot with pocket aces against pocket fives on a queen-high flop, and is up to 180,000.


Dale Marsland leads the WA invasion on day 2

Another West Australian, Michael Pedley, has also looked solid all day and is on 155,000. After three hours of play, 94 of the 209 starters have been sent to the rail, leaving 115 players eyeing a spot in the top 54.

3.45pm: Top 10, with a bullet

Perhaps inspired by Lee Nelson's charge to the top of the chip count, Team Australia Pros Tony Hachem and Emad Tahtouh are following his lead. Hachem just busted an opponent with pocket aces against pocket queens to climb to 162,000, while Tahtouh rode Broadway after tabling Q-J to 170,000, taking him inside the top 10 stacks overall.

3.30pm: Scott scuttled in dramatic circumstances

There are hands players will talk about for months, and this is one of them. Stewart Scott announced all-in pre-flop, with Patrick Woodley making the call. Tian Shou then announced "raise" but hadn't realised Scott was already all-in. "In that case, I'm all-in too," he declared.


Tian Shou: A poker wolf in sheep's clothing

Woodley came along for the ride, and it was Scott's red nines against Woodley's [10h] [10s] and Shou's Q♣ J♣. Scott and Woodley both made sets on the flop but, unbelievably, Shou had flopped a flush - 2♣ 9♣ [10c]. The board ran 4♦ 5♥, Scott was out, Woodley raged and Shou was up to 130,000. There's still plenty of steam at table 18.

3.15pm: Team on the tear

Matching Lee Nelson's impressive performance so far today, Team Australia Pro Emad Tahtouh is up to 90,000 after an opponent called his all-on on a flop showing 10-J-8. It was Tahtouh's Q-J against 10-8, with the turn K and river A landing the nuts for Emad.

Meanwhile, the most dominant player on the tour, Tony Hachem, is in cruise control on 110,000. A seventh cash in eight ANZPT events? He's on target. Early in level 11, 143 of the 208 players who started day two are still in contention for the third title of 2010.

3pm: Van calls for the van

The hopes of becoming the first player to win an APPT and ANZPT title have ended for 2008 APPT Manila winner Van Marcus. He was all-in pre-flop with K-J and received a call from New Zealander Andrew Middleditch, who showed 2-7. You guessed it, seven in the window. We spoke to Van, but unfortunately the first 20 words of his quotes couldn't be repeated here. "See you boys later."


Happier days for Van Marcus after winning the 2008 APPT Manila title

The stack of 2009 Aussie Millions champ Stewart Scott has also been decimated after a board of 9-5-9-3-10 was bet all the way before his opponent showed A-9. Scott mucked, and is left with barely 10,000 in chips.

2.45pm: No stoppin' Nelson Team Australia Pro Lee "Final Table" Nelson appears to have entered the Star City Poker Room with a stone in his shoe today. The 2006 Aussie Millions champion looks out to end the tournament today as he carves through the unfortunates on table 12. Nelson is up to 230,000 and a clear chip leader. Other big stacks belong to Wollongong's Daniel Woodley (160,000) and the quick-stepping Angelo Hanataj (140,000).