ANZPT Sydney day 2: Level 9 (500/1000, ante 100) & 10 (600/1200, ante 100) updates

2.15pm: Seat open

The rate of eliminations is yet to slow, with 20 per cent of the day two starters sent to the rail inside the first 90 minutes of play. Recent departures include 2009 APPT Grand Final fifth-place finisher Tom Grigg, 2010 ANZPT Adelaide final table participant Daniel Neilson, Ben Delaney, Tom Rafferty and local journalist Brad Clifton. In contrast, Zaffer Soemya, who placed seventh in the recent ANZPT Perth Main Event, is up to 130,000 while Ricky Kroesen, who started the day second overall, has climbed to more than 160,000.

2pm: Arise, Sir "Final Table"

Play has ticked into level 10, with more than 30 players hitting the rail during the frenetic first hour on day two of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. It's been an up and down start for the three Team Australia Pros still in the field - Lee Nelson is our new chip leader after eliminating several players including popular Sydney poker identity Brad Locking and is on 190,000.


Man on a mission: Lee Nelson

Tony Hachem took a small hit early but is still in good shape on 80,000, while Emad Tahtouh has edged up to 48,000. ANZPT Adelaide runner-up Andrew Scarf has also improved on his starting stack and holds 120,000.

1.50pm: Put on a happy face

There's been a mini-revolt of sorts at table 25 where the six players have declared "enough is enough", given most of the other tables in the room have nine or 10 players. Thankfully, tournament staff have acted quickly and the remaining seats have been filled, with 2009 ANZPT Queensland winner Scott Kerr among the new arrivals.

1.40pm: Beast tamed

There are a few bleary-eyed poker players in the room today, none more than Jay Kinkade. The 2008 Victorian Poker Championships Main Event winner had a big night celebrating his birthday, and was happy to share the pain with Sam Ioannou with an all-in-bet over the top of Ioannou's raise on a flop of 2♥ 7♦ Q♦. Ioannou showed A♥ Q♥, ahead of SEABEAST's 7♥ 6♥, where he stayed after the turn 9♠ and river 3♣. Let's hope his day improves.

1.15pm: Dancing up a storm

Double-up, KO, double-up, KO - that pretty much sums up the first 30 minutes of play early on day two of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Beneficiaries include one of the form players on the Australasian poker scene Yann Pauchon, and 2008 PokerNews Cup winner Nali "Iraqi Nick" Kaselias. Angelo Hanataj has also just earned the award for the most "interesting" celebration after he took down a huge pot with a set of fours against pocket aces. Nice moves, Angelo.

12.50pm: Line 'em up, knock 'em down

Carnage we expected, and carnage we have - the cry of "all-in, call" is splitting the air about once ever 30 seconds. Bolting up and down the length of the Star City Poker Room is creating exercise well beyond a blogger's capacity at its ungodly hour of the day.

WA's Dale Marsland and Michael Guttman were among the early beneficiaries, while ANZPT Player of the Year Chris Levick is out after his jacks found a call from an opponent with K-10. Yep, king in the window.


Sydney reporter Brad Clifton gets the inside word on ANZPT Sydney

But it's not all bad news for the Levick household, with Chris' wife Danette Morway on 65,000 and shaping for a serious run at the money. To her immediate left is Daily Telegraph journalist Brad Clifton. After surviving day one, the reporter should have a good yarn for Sydney's leading daily newspaper.

12.30pm: On your marks ...

The chips are being taken from the bags in preparation for the opening hand of day two in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. A few nervous PokerStars Qualifiers and major tournament debutantes are already waiting impatiently at the entry to the Star City Poker Room.


Star City Casino basks in another glorious Sydney morning

There's a logjam at the top of the chip count, with only eight players holding more than 100,000 with Shannon Chapman on 123,500 (chip average is almost 43,000). Looming ominously close to the top of the chip count is ANZPT Perth winner and ANZPT Player of the Year Tony Hachem, in 10th overall.

Hachem's Team Australia teammates, Lee Nelson and Emad Tahtouh also return today. A total of 209 players will be back today, with blinds due to start at level nine (500/1000, ante 100). Let the carnage begin.

Top 10 chip stacks

Shannon Chapman (Australia) 123,500
Rick Kroesen (Australia) 123,000
Michael Manttan (Australia) 116,800
Patrick Woodley (Australia) 116,200
Brad Bower (Australia) 113,400
Mile Krstanoski (Australia) 112,800
Michael Pedley (Australia) 104,200
Jason Teh (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 102,900
Brendan Edmonds (Australia) 96,300
Tony Hachem (Australia) PokerStars Team Australia Pro 95,000