ANZPT Sydney day 3: Level 22 (10,000/20,000, ante 2000) updates

8pm: Final table decided

The 2010 ANZPT Sydney Main Event final table has been decided after the elimination of two players on the same hand. Jimmy Tran's brave run with the short stack ended when he made a last stand with A♣ 3♠ against the 6♣ 6♠ of Mike Ivin. The board brought no joy, and Tran was out in 11th.

At the other table, Con Kamaras shoved with his Q♠ 8♠ on a flop of [10c] 7♠ 8♦. Angelo Hanataj called and showed A♥ 9♥. The turn J♠ filled Hanataj's straight but gave Kamaras outs. The [10h] was no good for him though, and a round of applause signalled the end of the day's play for the remaining nine players.

7.45pm: He's in the mood for dancing

The sound of shrieking and the sight of waist-wiggling could only mean Angelo Hanataj has claimed another scalp in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. The money went in after the flop of 8♦ [10h] 2♥, with the all-in player Danny Yeung showing A♥ Q♥ while Hanataj was chasing the same flush draw with K♥ 3♥. Hanataj hit one of his few outs - the 3♦ - on the turn and Yeung was gathering his personal items after the river fell J♠. Tough beat.

7.30pm: A-K A-OK for O'Grady

The final two minutes of the previous level awoke everyone from their slumber, with Michael O'Grady claiming two scalps in the same orbit - with the same hand! O'Grady's A♦ K♦ hit the flop on a board of 4♠ 8♦ A♠ J♣ 4♦ against the pocket 10s of Danny Mikhail, who departed in 14th for $8920.


"A-K, twice, honest," as Michael O'Grady takes a commanding chip lead

Quoc Nguyen then shoved with J♦ 9♦, with O'Grady along for the ride, showing A♠ K♥. Again, he connected on the flop as the dealer showed K♣ 6♣ 8♣ [4c 4♦. Nguyen was out 13th, and O'Grady had acquired a stack of more than two million.