ANZPT Adelaide Day 1b: Levels 3 & 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

3:25pm: Ten-minute break

3:15pm: Finding voice

PokerStars sponsored player Paul "The Voice" Khoury is now up to 42,000 in chips - clearly harnessing the power of Tony Hachem and Brendon Rubie after stealing the nametags that the casino have issued to each player.

Khoury recalled to us following a raise and a call, James Burgoine raised to 2,300, before Khoury looked down at pocket aces and re-raised to 6,000. Two folds back to Burgoine who moved all in with Khoury making the call. Burgoine showed pocket queens but couldn't find a lady to save himself on a king-high board.


"I'm the voice, try and understand it..."

3:05pm: Kozlov claims two

We'd been waiting patiently for a big hand to go down on our table of death today, and eventually something had to crack, as a big three-way all in pot has just seen the elimination of two players, leaving ANZPT Melbourne champ Martin Kozlov with the big stack.

All the chips were in preflop with a short-stacked Brad Bower holding A♣K♦, Michael Spilkin going with J♦J♥, while Kozlov had them both covered with his Q♣Q♥.

The flop of 5♣Q♦6♦ put Kozlov even further in front and he couldn't be run down on the 3♣ turn or the J♠ river. Bower and Spilkin are out as Kozlov now commands a stack worth 45,000 chips.

2:50pm: Laidlaw runs a sixth street bluff

We caught this action on the river as Raj Ramakrishnan just burnt a hole into the soul of Daniel Laidlaw.

The board read 8♦Q♣4♣9♥4♥ and Ramakrishnan checked to Laidlaw who bet 3,800. Ramakrishnan deliberated for a few minutes and played with his chips before tossing out a crying call.

Laidlaw proudly opened 7♥6♥ for an air-ball, but he tabled his cards in a manner so confident that it appeared he was still running his bluff. It almost worked too, as Ramakrishnan sat there in silence, eyeing the board in stunned confusion. After the lengthy pause, it was pointed out by a tablemate that Laidlaw held nothing, at which point Ramakrishnan opened his A♠T♣ for ace-high. It was good to rake in the pot and move up to 26,000 with Laidlaw down to 14,000.

2:40pm: Kings fail Drewe

Martin Drewe announced his arrival on the Australian poker scene with a breathrough victory in the Opening Event of this year's Aussie Millions, good for a $200k pay day. Drewe has taken his seat in today's field and we look forward to seeing more of this talented player on the ANZPT this year.

Things were going well for Drewe so far today, but he just hit a small hiccup in the form of one of the few females in the field, Maria Tsakrios.

Tsakrios started the action with a raise and found one caller, before Drewe three-bet to 2,200 in position. Tsakrios was the lone caller, and only had 4,500 behind as the flop arrived 4♠T♠2♥. Tsakrios checked and Drewe bet 1,250. Tsakrios quickly check-raised all in and Drewe instantly called and flipped K♥K♦. Tsakrios stood from her chair, seemingly in preparation for her departure, but she then revealed 4♦4♣ for a set, much to the surprise of Drewe.

The 9♥ turn and 3♥ river bricked the board and Tsakrios found a handy double up. Drewe slips to 24,000.


Martin Drewe in action at the ANZPT Adelaide

2:25pm: Level up, blinds 100-200, ante 25

2:20pm: Numbers talk

With registration set to close very shortly, the big screen is currently showing 148 entrants, putting the total number at 253 for the 2011 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event. This is roughly an 11% increase on last year's field and puts this tournament as the largest poker tournament, in terms of number of entrants, ever held in South Australia.

2:10pm: Update from the outer

The action has been a little slow in the main Poker Zone area, but the overflow on the four outside tables seems to be where the big stacks are emerging. Joel Feldman, Tim English and more recently Leo Boxell are all around 35,000 chips which puts them towards the top of the counts.

On the outside tables we also find one of the pioneers of poker in Australia in Keith "Bendigo" Sloan. He's seated with Grant Levy, Bruno Portaro and Joel Feldman.

1:55pm: A Royal appearance

There's some big hands being showed down around the PokerZone at the moment. We've just seen our first Royal Flush of the tournament and the season, as Stephen Quon revealed K♠J♠ on a board of T♠A♠A♣Q♠T♣.

A few minutes later a hand was recalled to us where Andrew Demetriou lost most of his stack after his ace-high flush was cracked by an opponent who showed a king-high straight-flush!

1:35pm: Boxell's backdoor boat

Leo Boxell is in a rich vein of form. After a huge six-figure win in the six-handed event at the Aussie Millions last week, Boxell has carried his "run good" across the border to Adelaide as he landed a huge double up against Sam Stiendl.

As the action was recalled to us, Stiendl fired a bet on a 2♦3♣J♦ flop and was met with a raise from Boxell. Stiendl moved all in to send Boxell deep in to the tank and he eventually made the call with A♣J♣ but was in deep trouble against Stiendl's set of threes.

However incredibly the 2♠ turn and J♥ river gave Boxell a bigger boat as he sailed away with a big double up to 35,000, much to the relief of wife Bev sweating the action on the rail.

1:25pm: Play resumes

The players are back in action with Emanuel Seal, Eric Assadourian, Tim English, Joel Feldman and John Maklouf amongst the early movers and shakers.