ANZPT Adelaide Day 1b: Levels 5 & 6 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

5:35pm: Ten-minute break

5:32pm: Assadourian takes one out

It's great to see Eric Asssadourian back on the poker felt, and he's making the most of it after recently eliminating Brett Daphne in a big preflop clash.

It was Assadourian's J♣J♠ racing with Daphne's A♥K♥ with the board bricking out Q♣9♥6♦Q♦6♥. Daphne is out as Assadourian climbs to 65,000 chips.


Eric Assadourian in fine form at the ANZPT Adelaide

5:30pm: Squeeze, re-squeeze, shove, chop

Just prior to the break we caught an interesting hand developing that ended rather anticlimactically.

Michael de Kam started things off with an early position raise to 1,200. Rudy Blondeau flat called, before Tom Grigg put in the squeeze from the button to 3,200. De Kam flat-called but then Blondeau sprung to life with a four-bet to 7,700. That was enough to force a fold from Grigg, but de Kam wasn't done with just yet as he five-bet shoved all in. Blondeau made the call and opened A♥K♠ but de Kam tabled the same hand with A♣K♦.

There were no surprises when the board ran out 5♥5♣2♣7♥T♦. Chop it up!

5:20pm: Kastle crumbling

Casey Kastle opened with a raise to 1,500 and found a caller in position to see a flop of 5♦K♥J♦. Both players checked and the J♥ repeated on the turn. Kastle bet 1,500 and was called as the 7♥ finished the board on the river. Again it was check, check.

Kastle cringed and rolled over A♦Q♣ for just ace-high as his opponent showed 4♦4♠ for the only pair. Kastle slips to just 8,500.

5:10pm: Finding some grunt

It's been a rough day so far for Grant Levy. Located on one of the outer tables down the corridor, he recalled to us the highlight of his day so far was being (allegedly) slowrolled by tablemate Bruno Portaro.

But perhaps Levy's day is about to turn around. As we watched on, Levy opened with a raise to 900 and found two callers to see a A-K-3 flop. Action checked to Levy and he bombed 2,200 into the middle. The two callers let it go and Levy showed pocket kings for a set. Levy currently sits with around 12,000 chips.

5:00pm: Boxell rakes in another monster

Leapin' Leo Boxell has again collected a monster pot in controversial fashion. After going runner-runner to stay alive earlier on today, Boxell again had committed a large chunk of change when he moved all in on the river on a board of 6♣9♦7♦6♥J♥.

His opponent, David McBrien went deep into the tank for several minutes before announcing a call.

"Good call," sighed Boxell as he opened J♠T♥ for jacks and sixes, but surprisingly it was good as McBrien showed 9♥7♥ for nines and sevens. McBrien hit the rail as Boxell is now up to a very healthy 85,000 chips.

4:45pm: Hachem small balling

A quick update on our lone Team PokerStars Pro in the field, Tony Hachem. After slipping down a little in the early levels, it appears that Hachem has recovered nicely. It can be very hard to get Hachem in an exciting hand, as he values every chip like it was his last, and rarely gets out of line or involved in too many big pots. It's a formula that has produced great success and remarkable consistency with a record seven cashes in ANZPT history.

We did however recently catch Hachem winning a small pot, after raising to 825 and finding two callers. The flop was Q♦7♦8♠ and Hachem fired out a continuation bet of 2,200 which was enough to take it down. He's up to 26,000.


Mr.ANZPT is in search of the three-peat

4:35pm: Level up, blinds 200-400, ante 50

4:30pm: Pearson doubles through Maklouf

Following a late-position raise from John Maklouf and a three-bet from Matthew Pearson in the big blind, Maklouf made the call as the two took a flop of 2♣2♠T♠.

Pearson led out for 3,300 before Maklouf bumped it up to 7,500. Pearson didn't waste any time in moving all in for an additional 4,825. It seemed like Maklouf was pot-committed but he deliberated for some time, clearly knowing he was in trouble. He eventually tossed in the chips and found out the bad news as his 3♣3♠ had just two outs against Pearson's Q♠Q♥.

It didn't arrive on the K♣ turn or 4♠ river as Pearson doubled to 30,000, leaving Maklouf with 18,000.

"I like the way you played it, I mean, the way I've been three-betting..." added Pearson as he raked in the chips.

4:15pm: And again for Raj

Raj Ramakrishnan has doubled up once again, this time with his A♠A♥ getting plenty of action from Peter Aristidou's K♦K♠.

The chips were all in preflop as Aristidou exclaimed, "Any king will do dealer!" He didn't oblige as the board was spread 6♠7♠3♣9♣5♦. Ramakrishnan is back up to 28,000 with Aristidou slipping to 35,000.

4:10pm: Van rides over the hill

This time last year, Roy Hill had one of the monster stacks in the room as he dominated day one of the 2010 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event. Twelve months later, and unfortunately Hill hasn't been quite so fortunate as his tournament has come to a sudden end.

Hill raised preflop from under the gun and found a call from Van Marcus in the big blind to see a flop of 6♣A♥3♠. Marcus checked and Hill tossed out a single red 5,000-denomination chip in a hefty bet. Marcus made the call and the 7♦ hit the turn. Marcus checked and Hill moved all in for around 5,800.

"Ok, if you got ace-king then sobeit," declared Marcus as he moved all in. Hill didn't have it as he opened J♥J♠ with Marcus' A♦Q♦ in great shape. The river was the 5♣ and Hill was eliminated to give a virtual double up to Marcus who is now up to 29,000.


Van Marcus finds a handy double up

4:00pm: Brotha D runs into Kings

Danny 'Brotha D' Leaoasavaii has just taken a hit after doubling up his opponent Ben Ulstrup.

The chips were in preflop with Brotha D holding A♠K♥ but needing to improve against Ulstrup's K♦K♣. The board ran out 9♠9♣6♠2♥T♥ leaving Ulstrup's kings in front to double up his 18,000-chip stack. Brotha D slips back to his starting stack.

3:50pm: Raj doubles

Raj Ramakrishnan has found a much-needed double up of his short stack.

Ramakrishnan held K♦K♠ as Hugh Cohen took a shot with a gambling call with T♥8♥.
The board ran out J♦J♣6♦4♥8♦ to give Ramakrishnan the double up to 13,000.

3:40pm: Aristidou flushes Laidlaw

Shortly after the break, Peter Aristidou has flushed Daniel Laidlaw from the tournament.

We arrived at the table on the turn when the last of Laidlaw's chips were committed on a board of 9♦6♦2♦K♥, however he was already up and heading out the door when he saw his pocket queens were drawing dead against Aristidou's A♦7♦ nut flush.

The meaningless 4♥ fell on the river as Aristidou climbs to 48,000.

3:35pm: Play resumes

117 players have scurried back to their seats for the start of second half of today's play. Leading the way is PokerStars qualifier Alec Smith who has quietly accumulated 70,000, with Martin Kozlov, Paul Khoury and Tom Grigg also well placed.