ANZPT Adelaide Day 1b: Levels 7 & 8 (blinds 400-800, ante 75)

7:45pm: Bag, tag and depart

That's a wrap from the Adelaide Casino Poker Zone as Day 1b of the 2011 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event is done. Octavian Voegele will be our chip leader with over 150,000 with PokerStars qualifier Alec Smith and Eric Assadourian the likely only other players above the century.

Approximately 65 players survived today to return tomorrow for day two action. We'll be back with a complete wrap of the day, overnight chip counts and day two draw for you shortly.


Octavian Voegele will end the day as the chip leader

7:40pm: Brine runs into Kings

Nigel Brine will be entering day two with a very small stack, if he survives the last few hands, after a crippling blow against Danny Chevalier.

Chevalier started things off with a limp, and another player followed suit, before Brine bumped it to 4,800. The table folded back to Chevalier who moved all in for 18,825. The second limper folded as Brine cringed.

"Have you got aces or kings?" said Brine before declaring a call.

Brine showed Q♦Q♣ but he hunch was right as Chevalier opened K♥K♦.

The board ran out 2♠6♦J♠7♣4♠ to give Chevalier a double up to 40,000 to leave Brine crippled with just a few thousand in change.

7:35pm: Moffett leaves a little early

As it was announced that the last five hands of the day would be played, Liam Moffett decided to three-bet all in for his stack of 13,800 following the 2,000 open from Chris Sander.

Sander made the call with 7♥7♠ as Moffett was in bad shape with his 2♠2♦. The board ran out a deuce-less Q♠A♥J♣5♦4♣ to give Moffett an early minute.

7:25pm: Sick read by Smith

Alec Smith has just recalled to us a hand which explained how he accumulated even more chips to add to his big stack, and it was a rather impressive one.

Smith three-bet to 5,500 from the blinds following a cutoff raise and button call. The cutoff had been tangling with Smith in quite a few pots, as he made the call with the button folding.

Smith continuation bet 4,800 on a 4-4-7 flop before his opponent shoved over the top for about 25,000. Smith deliberated before making the call with just A-8 for ace-high. It was an incredible read as his opponent showed Q-T.

"He was shoving any two cards in that spot," as Smith explained to us his decision making. The turn and river bricked out and Smith took the pot with a tremendous and rather sick read to jump up to 120,000.

However he's not even the chip leader on his own table as Austrian Octavian Voegele has him covered with about 140,000.


PokerStars qualifier Alec Smith is one sick puppy!

7:15pm: Aristidou gets three streets of value

Peter Aristidou has collected a big pot after getting three streets of value from AJ Bertenshaw. Aristidou raised the flop, fired the turn and then another 10,000 on the river on a board of T♠Q♥A♦6♠5♣. Bertenshaw made a crying call but mucked when Aristidou opened A♥T♦ for top two pair.

Aristidou is now up to 70,000.

7:05pm: Zmukic clips Van

Vesko Zmukic raised from late position to 2,500 and Van Marcus defended his big blind with a call as the flop landed 7♣A♥6♥. Both players checked and the turn brought the 3♦. Marcus led out for 3,500 and Zmukic snap-called as the J♥ landed on the river.
Marcus fired again for 8,500 to send Zmukic into deep thought. He looked down at his stack on several occasions as Marcus probed, "Have you got ace-jack?"

Zmukic didn't reply but eventually mustered up a call.

"So sick," said Marcus as Zmukic rolled over the hand he called - A♣J♣. It was good as Marcus mucked. He's down to 10,000 as Zmukic jumps to 44,000.

6:50pm: Maklouf misses

2010 ANZPT Player of the Year runner-up, John Maklouf won't be picking up any POTY points here in Adelaide after his recent elimination from the tournament.

As recalled to us, Maklouf raised and then called the three-bet of ANZPT Gold Coast champion Nauv Kashyap. They saw a J-3-5 two diamond flop, and after a bet, raise and all-in move from Maklouf, Kashyap snap-called with pocket aces, as Maklouf was on the flush draw with A♦7♦. The turn and river bricked out to eliminate Maklouf as Kashyap is making a late surge on Day 1b to now sit with 65,000 chips.


Nauv Kashyap is starting to look dangerous here in Adelaide

6:45pm: Level up, blinds 400-800, ante 75

6:35pm: Hachem flops a monster

When we blog a hand about Tony Hachem, we generally don't expect it to be a hand where the Team PokerStars Pro is holding the Q♣4♣. But that's what we're about to do as Hachem turned it into gold.

We didn't catch the preflop action, as we arrived at the table to see a flop of Q♠Q♦4♦. Action had checked to chip leader Alec Smith on the button who fired 1,850. Hachem called in the big blind before Tom Grigg check-raised over both players to 5,400. Smith went into the tank, thinking for several minutes before releasing.

Hachem was sitting with the stone-cold nuts, and threw a few verbal barbs Grigg's way before declaring himself all in. Grigg raised his eyebrows and instantly mucked as Hachem flashed his winning full house.

"Yeh I made a good read there," laughed Grigg. "I knew my nine-high was no good!"
Hachem is back up to 30,000.

6:20pm: Prize pool and payout information

The prize pool and payouts for the 2011 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event have been announced. The event officially attracted 253 players with the top 27 to finish in profit with a minimum payout of $4,140. A final table berth will net you five figures with a minimum $11,040 collect, while first place will pocket valuable ANZ POTY points, the trophy and $148,900 in prize money.

6:15pm: Aces again for Raj

Raj Ramakrishnan has done it again. He's found action with pocket aces, which has ultimately led to the demise of Casey Kastle.

Ramakrishnan opened with a late-position raise, before Kastle shoved his short stack from the big blind. Of course Ramakrishnan insta-called with A♥A♠ as Kastle dropped his head in dismay and opened A♣Q♠.

The flop of 7♥4♠Q♥ gave Kastle a few outs, but the 6♥ turn and K♣ river wasn't what he was looking for. Kastle is gone as Ramakrishnan and his lucky rockets are now up to 40,000.

6:05pm: Is it getting cold in here?

We've seen a couple of recent all-in clashes, with big pairs colliding in some huge pots. However having the pocket rockets doesn't always mean you collect the chocolates.

In a battle of the blinds, John Apostolidis has felt the pain of the ultimate cooler as his K♦K♠ ran into Eric Sclavos' A♥A♣. The board ran out 3♣2♦3♥3♠6♥ as Sclavos' aces held to double to 58,000.

A few tables over, the cooler hand was a little more favourable for Paul Khoury as he moved all in preflop with pocket queens but found himself up against Craig Ruehland's pocket aces. That didn't stop Khoury from spiking a two-outer queen on the flop to take the hand and send Ruehland to the rail. "The Voice" is now up to 70,000.

5:45pm: Play resumes

Our final break is done and the players have returned for two more levels before we wrap things up for the day.

Alec Smith is the first player from today's flight to crack the 100k barrier, but he slipped back late in the last level to close it out at around 95,000. He holds the chip lead ahead of Leo Boxell, Octavian Voegele and Ash Gupta.

Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem is around 25,000, while PokerStars sponsored players Paul Khoury and Nigel Brine are on 50,000 and 30,000 respectively.

Approximately 90 players remain in today's flight.