ANZPT Adelaide Day 2: Levels 13 & 14 (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

5:20pm: Ten-minute break

5:18pm: Will not Dunn with yet

Just prior to the break Will Dunn landed a big double up through Leo Boxell. Dunn opened to 9,000 before Boxell re-raised to 34,000. Dunn moved all in and Boxell made the call with 8♠8♣ but for the second time today he'd run his eights into an opponent's pocket nines as Dunn opened 9♠9♥.

It was all over on the flop of 7♦9♦7♠ with the Q♠ turn and Q♥ completing the board. Dunn is up to 170,000 with Boxell back to 75,000.

5:15pm: Khoury carrying the torch

Still sporting the "Tony Hachem" name badge, Paul Khoury was moved to the seat that was, until recently, occupied by his inspiration. While Hachem couldn't win his race, Khoury was able to find some run good and land another big double up.

It was Khoury's T♣T♦ up against the A♥K♠ Mario Ljubicic, and the pair held on the board of 9♠2♦6♣3♥2♥. Khoury is now up to 165,000.

5:10pm: Hachem eliminated

Tony Hachem opened with a raise from early position before Oliver Grujic three-bet to 20,000. Hachem thought for a few moments before declaring a call.

The flop came down 3♠7♠8♥ and Hachem immediately moved all in for close to 30,000 but Grujic insta-called with J♠J♣ for the best hand as Hachem opened A♥K♦.

The turn was the T♠ and river the 7♣ as Grujic raked in the pot to move up to 150,000 and eliminate the Team PokerStars Pro from the tournament within sight of another ANZPT cash.


Another deep run, but no cash this time around for Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem

5:00pm: Blind battle backfires for Smith

Easy come, easy go, for Alec Smith at the moment. Once again Smith is back on the short stack after getting a little too aggressive in a battle of the blinds with Frank Tripodi.
The chips were in preflop with Smith pushing the old 9♥3♥ but Tripodi wasn't going anywhere with his Q♥Q♦.

Smith picked up a few outs on the 6♣4♦7♥ flop, but the A♣ turn and 7♦ river bricked the board. Smith slips back to 40,000 with Tripodi now doubling up to 80,000.

4:50pm: Not a perfect ten for Cohen

We've just lost ANZPT Queenstown champ Julian Cohen in unfortunate circumstances. Just as Cohen was getting his stack back to a workable level, he found himself all in with A♥J♠ against Stuart McLeod-Smith's A♦T♦.

All looked set for a double up for Cohen but the board landed A♠7♣7♥T♠6♥ to pair McLeod-Smith's kicker. Cohen made a hasty exit as McLeod-Smith is now back to 170,000.

4:40pm: Diamonds for Boxell

Leo Boxell is now up close to 200,000 after the recent elimination of one-time chip leader Eddie Saade.

Saade was down to around 30,000 which he committed on a flop of 9♦5♦4♦. However Boxell made the call with Q♦T♦ as Saade was in deep trouble with his 9♥3♣. The turn was the 3♦ to give Saade a couple of outs, but he missed as another diamond in the K♦ hit the river.


Leo Boxell continues his hot form with another deep run here in Adelaide

4:30pm: Smith recovers

After pocket jacks failed Alec Smith a little earlier, he was hoping for second time lucky as he once again looked down at the hooks and moved all in against Sam Steindl's A♥Q♥.

A jack in the window was all Smith needed to see as the board ran out J♦5♦Q♠K♥5♣. Smith doubles back up to 70,000.

4:25pm: Serock out

Joe Serock has two runner-up finishes at WSOP/E events to his credit, but he won't be adding an ANZPT cash to his impressive poker resume.

Serock was on the short stack and we caught him doubling up through Leo Boxell when his pocket nines held against Boxell's pocket eights on a board of K♣T♠2♣5♦Q♣.
Serock was up to about 35,000 but moments later was spotted making the lonely trek from the Poker Zone. His tournament is done.


It was great to have Joe Serock with us in Adelaide, but his tournament is over

4:20pm: Level up, blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300

4:05pm: Smith spiralling

It's been a rough few minutes for one-time chip leader Alec Smith.

First, he doubled up Graeme Putt when Smith decided to call with pocket eights and failed to improve against Putt's pocket queens.

Then just moments later, Smith was again in the thick of it, with pocket jacks up against Sam Steindl's A♥K♦. The race went against Smith as the board fell 3♦Q♥5♠A♥6♥ to pair Steindl's ace for a double up of his 77,600.

After all of that carnage, Smith was left with just 30,000 in chips.

3:55pm: One shortie departs as another doubles

Two of the short stacks of the field, Danny Silk and George Lawther, have enjoyed different fates with one hitting the rail and the other finding a miraculous double up.

Silk was the unlucky one to go when his ace-jack failed to improve against his opponent's pocket threes when a third three hit the turn.

Lawther on the other hand was all in with a rather meagre K♦6♣ and up against the A♠A♣ of Irishman John Gallagher.

"Don't hate us if we're cheering for George," laughed Paul Khoury as the local Lawther had been battling hard with a short stack for a long time.

The flop of 6♠9♥7♦ gave him a pair but he'd need a little more help to survive. It didn't come on the J♣ turn but the K♣ fell on the river to make two pair to the cheers of the rail. Lawther doubles but will need a few more as he's still short with just 20,000 chips.

3:40pm: Cohen takes a hit

ANZPT Queenstown champion Julian Cohen has been flying under the radar for a lot of this tournament but we just caught him in a big preflop war with John Gallagher. Cohen held A♥Q♠ but would need to improve against Gallagher's T♣T♦.

Cohen couldn't find any help as the board bricked out 2♣6♥7♠6♠4♣. Gallagher doubles to 100,000 with Cohen down to 21,000.

3:30pm: Chaptini and Benton busto

The players had just settled back in to their seats following the break and before we knew it there were cries of "All in, call!" popping up around the room like spot fires.

First it was popular local Fred Chaptini who was all in with ace-six against the pocket kings of Ray Ellis. The rail cheered when an ace spiked on the flop of A♠3♣2♠. The 9♥ turn changed nothing, but the K♦ on the river was one of the first big river blows that we've seen in this event so far, as Chaptini made a disappointed exit.

He was soon followed by 2009 APPT Sydney champion Aaron Benton. He was all in with K♣Q♦ for his last 40,000 chips but was dominated by Peco Stojanovski's A♦Q♥.

The flop of Q♠Q♣2♥ was actually good for Benton as he picked up additional chop possibilities but it didn't arrive on the T♣ turn and 8♥ river. Benton is out as Stojanovski is now up to 120,000.


Aaron Benton has been eliminated from the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event

3:20pm: Play resumes

The remaining 54 players are back in action for the fifth level of the day. It's likely that we'll play at least eight levels today, with the goal of getting close to the money, and at least the final four tables. However no official announcement has been made as yet.

Octavian Voegele continues on his merry way to be our chip leader with 275,000 with Jesse McKenzie, Yann Dion and Joey Lovelady the only others above the 200k mark.