ANZPT Adelaide Day 2: Levels 9 & 10 (blinds 600-1,200, ante 100)

1:00pm: Ten-minute break

12:58pm: Putt doubles again

As most of the players were heading off to their break, Graeme Putt was busy doubling up. He did it with K♥K♦ against the 2♠2♥ of Alec Smith as two other players claimed to have folded pocket pairs.

Smith couldn't find a deuce on the board of 6♥7♦7♥T♦3♠ as Putt doubled to 60,000.

12:55pm: Peco in the thick of the action

We've lost a couple of previous ANZPT champions in quick succession with both Nauv Kashyap and Martin Kozlov both being eliminated.

Kozlov was severely short-stacked and was taken out by Ricky Kroesen, with Kozlov's J♥5♣ failing to overcome Kroesen's Q♥8♥ on a board of 9♠K♦J♠T♦2♦.

Over on a nearby table Kashyap was taken out in a big clash with Peco Stojanovski.
It's been a crazy few minutes for Stojanovski who jumped up to 150,000 following that hand, only to give a large chunk of it to Jeff Chu on the very next hand.

In a battle of the blinds we caught the action on the turn with Stojanovski firing 10,000 on a board of 4♣5♣7♦Q♣. Chu called before Stojanovski released another 20,000 on the J♥ river. Chu paused for effect before moving all in with Stojanovski snap-calling. He opened 6♣7♣ for a flush but Chu had the nuts with his A♣T♣.

Stojanovski is back to 100,000 with Chu now up to 120,000.


It's been a wild few minutes for Peco Stojanovski

12:45pm: Haddad, Marcus and Portaro all on the rail

The room had become a lot quieter with the recent elimination of Michael Haddad. He pushed his short stack with 8♥8♦ but Raj Ramakrishnan made the call with a dominant A♥T♣ on a board of 2♦J♥Q♦K♣5♣.

Haddad heads to the exit as Ramakrishnan is up to 45,000.

Already recently eliminated were both Van Marcus and Bruno Portaro who recalled to us that was eliminated when his king-queen lost a race against pocket sevens.

12:40pm: The champ is gone

Rennie Carnevale won't be making it back-to-back ANZPT Adelaide titles as he has just been eliminated from the Main Event.

The action was recalled to us by the table who told us that Carnevale fell when his ace-king was outdrawn by the ace-queen of Fayez Boulos.

Boulos on the other hand started the day with just 10,350 in chips and has now increased to a more comfortable 65,000.

12:35pm: Mixed fortune with Kings

Ian Parnell has raked in a six-figure pot on Table 1 to send Ash Gupta crashing from the tournament. It was a classic cooler with Gupta holding pocket kings on the button and Parnell looking down at aces in the small blind. Of course fireworks erupted and the chips were all in the middle preflop.

The board ran out A♥J♦6♦7♠6♥ to jump Parnell up to 135,000 with Gupta hitting the rail.

A few minutes later it was Ricky Kroesen's turn with the pocket kings but this time he was in front against the pocket queens of Graeme Nobbs. The board fell 5♦J♥A♣9♠2♦ to double Kroesen up to nearly 60,000.

12:20pm: Rubie run over by Peco

With a raise to 2,500 and a call in front of him Brendon Rube moved all in over the top for his stack of around 27,500. Action folded to Peco Stojanovski in the big blind who moved all in over the top which forced folds from the two other players.

Rubie was already on his feet as he opened K♦J♣ and found himself dominated by the A♥K♠ of Stojanovski. It remained that way on the board of 5♥2♥2♣7♠6♠ board as Australia's number one online player was eliminated.

Stojanovski on the other hand is continuing where he left off at the APPT Grand Final in Sydney where he finished fourth for $121,380. Can he produce another deep run here in Adelaide? He's well on his way as he moves up to 70,000 chips.

12:00pm: Level up, blinds 600-1,200, ante 100

11:55am: Nothing sad about Saade

We may just have a new chip leader in the room as Eddie Saade has stormed up to the top of the counts after the recent elimination of 2009 ANZPT Melbourne champ Chris Levick.

The chips were in preflop with Saade's A♠K♣ up against the Q♥Q♦ of Levick. The board ran out 8♦9♥A♣2♠9♦ as a dejected Levick exited the room, to leave Saade to stack up 170,000 in chips.


Eddie Saade hits the front at the ANZPT Adelaide

11:50am: Recent eliminations

Some of those to recently depart us include Matthew Pilat, Vince Moro, Jonathan Karamalikis and Tom Grigg.

11:45am: Haddad shows a serious side for a good cause

The larger than life Michael Haddad is back in action and talking up a storm once again today, entertaining tablemates Elliot Smith, Rennie Carnevale, Graeme Putt and Raj Ramakrishnan.

However his volume control was just turned down a few notches after he doubled up Irishman John Gallagher.

It was Haddad's J♦J♥ up against Gallagher's K♦K♠ and despite Haddad pleading for a jack it wasn't to be as the board was spread 9♣7♦5♠9♥8♠.

Gallagher doubles to 45,000 with Haddad back to 55,000.

While Haddad is all laughs, he also has a serious side as we were made aware of a Facebook post he put out this morning before play.

"a shout out to all poker players on day two of anzpt Adelaide, what do you say we put the prizes of all placings a 5% on all winning places to the victims of queensland. Lets all do the right thing common who is with me"

A great gesture and hopefully he gets plenty of support from his fellow players.

11:30am: Putt doubles with the ladies

Graeme Putt opened with a late position raise to 5,600 before Raj Ramakrishnan tossed four red 5,000-denomination chips into the middle to put his opponent all in. Putt placed his Kiwi on top of his stack and slid it into the middle.

"Do you have a pair?" said Ramakrishnan as he opened A♥K♥ and indeed found himself racing with Putt's Q♦Q♥.

The flop was all Ramakrishnan as it landed 3♥A♦2♦ however the Q♣ appeared on the turn to change things around. Ramakrishnan was drawing dead as the 9♥ completed the board as Putt doubled to 32,000 with Ramakrishnan back down to 40,000.

11:20am: McKenzie takes an early hit

Our chip leader, Jesse McKenzie has got a big chunk of change as he just recalled the details to us.

George Manolas opened with a raise to 3,000 before McKenzie popped it up to 8,000. Manolas made the call and they saw a flop of 7-8-8. Manolas check-called for 9,500 before McKenzie moved all in on the 6 turn card. Manolas snap-called with pocket sevens as McKenzie's pocket aces had been cracked when the river bricked.

McKenzie slips to 130,000.

11:05am: Moro stays alive

Of the 111 returning players, the shortest stack of them all belonged to Vince Moro. That's no longer the case as he has found a double up on the very first hand of the day.

Moro moved all in from the cutoff for his last 5,200 chips and Elliot Smith decided to make a gambling call in the big blind with J♦4♦. Moro opened Q♦9♦.

The board ran out 6♣Q♣4♥5♠K♣ to pair up Moro's queen.

"I just need two more of those and I'm back!" laughed Moro as he doubled to around 11,000.

11:00am: A big day out at Day 2 of the ANZPT Adelaide

What to do when you bust out on day one of a poker tournament? Some will be on the first plane back home, others will grind online, but many take the time to enjoy the sites and experience a new city. It's what the ANZPT is all about.

It's a perfect day here in Adelaide today, and many will venture out to one of the famous wineries, head into the city for a spot of shopping or perhaps take the tram down to Glenelg beach for the day. The Big Day Out music festival is also in town tonight for those looking for some more lively entertainment this evening.

For 111 others they can't enjoy themselves just yet. There's still work to do. They'll be back into the action here at the Adelaide Casino Poker Zone as the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event continues.

Leading the way is Jesse McKenzie who had a big day out of his own on Day 1a to runaway with the chip lead. Octavian Voegele is nipping at his heels, while the likes of Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem, Paul Khoury, Aaron Benton, Van Marcus, Jonathan Karamalikis and the defending champion Rennie Carnevale are all still in contention.

The players have taken their seats and exchange pleasantries with their new tablemates as Day 2 of the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event is now underway!


The tram to Glenelg will be working overtime today on another beautiful Adelaide day
Image courtesy of SATC and Tourism Australia