ANZPT Adelaide Day 3: Levels 18 & 19 (blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

4:45pm: Ten-minute break

4:40pm: Nobbs eliminated; Hand-for-hand commences

Action folded around to Graeme Nobbs in the small blind who open-shoved all in, but Charles Caris made a quick call in the big blind.

Nobbs: A♣T♠
Caris: A♥J♦

Nobbs was dominated and despite calls for a ten, it wasn't to be on the board of 5♥2♠6♦7♥8♥. After being on the short stack for long period yesterday, Nobbs valiant run ends in 11th place for $7,720 in prize money.

With that elimination we're now down to our final ten, and one elimination from our final table! With two tables of five players, we'll be playing hand-for-hand on each table until that last bustout.

4:25pm: The voice silenced

Paul Khoury had been aggressively shoving his short stack around for the best part of two hours. He wasn't getting any action until Octavian Voegele finally made the call on the button following Khoury's cutoff-shove.

Khoury: Q♥T♦
Voegele: A♠7♠

Voegele was in front and paired up on the A♥2♦9♦3♣8♣ board to end the great run of Khoury in 12th place for a collect of $7,720.

4:20pm: 13 is unlucky for Raj

Raj Ramakrishnan's run has come to an end in unlucky 13th when he shipped it in from the big blind with K♥2♥. It was following a button raise from Andrew Dales who made the call with T♥T♣.

The board arrived A♦9♠6♦5♠8♣ and there were no kings for Ramakrishnan as he was eliminated.

4:10pm: English exits

Tim English was down to around 150,000 when he open-shoved with J♣T♥, but the only problem was that next-to-speak Danny Chevalier moved all in over the top with K♣K♥.

The flop of 8♣Q♥8♠ gave English a few outs but the 5♠ turn and 6♣ river didn't deliver to leave English as our 14th place finisher.

4:05pm: McKenzie wins biggest pot of the tournament

The first twenty minutes of the new level were the calm before the storm, with very little action of note to report. That was until we saw the biggest pot of the tournament unfold.

Jesse McKenzie started it all with a raise to 22,000 from early position. Action folded to Jeff Chu on the button who bumped it up to 55,000. The blinds folded and McKenzie methodically cut out chips and four-bet to 132,000.

Chu deliberated for several minutes and the clock was called by McKenzie, before Chu declared himself all in with McKenzie snap-calling! There was around 900,000 in the middle as the cards were revealed.

Chu: A♥K♠
McKenzie: J♣J♠

It was an enormous race, and the difference between the chip lead or elimination for both players. The dealer ran out the board 9♥T♠3♦4♣3♠ and it was all babies for McKenzie who high-fived his rail in delight. He just had his opponent covered as the dangerous Chu was sent to the exit in 15th place.

3:45pm: Level up, blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000

3:40pm: Kicker joy for Rossiter

After finishing third in the Aussie Millions Main Event, Jeff Rossiter is on track for another major final table after a huge double up through Andrew Dales.

We caught the action on the flop of 9♠9♥K♣ where Rossiter's 17,000 continuation bet from the button was min-raised to 34,000 by Dales in the big blind. Rossiter made the call and Dales fired another 50,000 on the 4♥ turn. Rossiter moved all in for 103,500 and Dales called it off, tabling J♥9♣ for trips, but he found himself outkicked as Rosstier tabled Q♥9♦.

Just to make sure, the Q♦ fell on the river to give Rossiter a full house and a double up to over 300,000.


Jeff Rossiter on track for another final table

3:35pm: Dunn done

Action folded to Will Dunn in late position who open-shoved for 108,500, only to have Jesse McKenzie move all in over the top. The blinds folded and the cards were on their backs.

Dunn: Q♠J♠
McKenzie: K♣Q♣

Dunn was in bad shape but picked up a heap of outs on the 4♠3♣3♠ flop. The turn J♣ was even better as he claimed the lead. McKenzie was left with just two safe kings in the deck and one of them was the K♥ that appeared on the river. McKenzie clapped his hands in triumph as Dunn was sent to the rail in 16th place.

3:20pm: Double for Danny

One of our short stacks of the field, Danny Chevalier, has just found a double up at the expense of Jesse McKenzie.

McKenzie opened with a raise from early position to 17,500 before Chevalier moved all in from the small blind. McKenzie insta-called.

McKenzie: 9♦9♣
Chevalier: T♥T♣

Chevalier cringed when McKenzie snap-called but he couldn't have been in better shape for a double up and it remained that way on the 5♣2♥2♦K♣Q♠ board. Chevalier is up to 340,000 with McKenzie down to 300,000.

3:15pm: Botta bows outs

PokerStars qualifier Daniel Botta has been eliminated at the hands of Charles Caris on a board of J♠K♦3♦J♣Q♠. Botta was the aggressor on the flop, before the turn was checked and Botta moved all in on the river. Caris insta-called and tabled Q♣Q♦ for a full house as Botta said he held ace-jack.

Botta is out in 17th place as Caris is up to 720,000.

3:05pm: Perfect tens for Voegele

Octavian Voegele opened with a raise to 18,000 before Sam Steindl moved all in from the button for around 100,000. The blinds folded but Voegele was quick to make the call.

Voegele: T♦T♥
Steindl: A♥5♥

"I thought I had the nuts there!" sighed Steindl in reference to Voegele's relentless aggression, but it wasn't to be as the board fell 7♣J♠2♥9♣4♥. Steindl is the first to receive the next pay jump as he takes home $5,520 for 18th place.

2:45pm: Lucky sevens for Nobbs

Graeme Nobbs open-shoved the button for around 85,000 and Tim English made the call in the big blind with A♠6♣ for the best hand against Nobbs' 9♦7♦. However it was lucky sevens for Nobbs as the board arrived 7♥7♣5♥J♣T♦ for the double up to 175,000. English is back to 250,000.

2:30pm: Voegele sails past Putt

The players took their seats and it didn't take long before we had yet another cry of "All In! Call!"

It was Graeme Putt who was all in against Octavian Voegele on a flop of 2♠K♥5♠. Putt was drawing with A♠J♠ but Voegele was in the lead with 2♣2♥ for bottom set. Putt clapped his hands with delight as the Q♠ hit the river, but his pleasure was short-lived as the Q♦ repeated on the river to improve Voegele to a full house.

Putt is out in 19th place as Voegele is now way out in front with over 850,000.

The clock has been paused as the players redraw for the final two tables of play.


The red-hot Octavian Voegele is dominating Day 3 of the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event

2:25pm: Play resumes

After two hours of madness, the break was well received by players and media alike! We lost 17 players in that two hour period and the pace was frenetic!

We expect things to slow up now as we head towards the final table of nine.

Octavian Voegele was dominant in that session to be our chip leader with over 550,000 chips, with Jesse McKenzie and Charles Caris next best. Overnight chip leader Ian Parnell hasn't been able to get much going as he's slipped back to 250,000, while PokerStars sponsored Paul "The Voice" Khoury is holding his position with around 170,000.