ANZPT Adelaide Day 4: Levels 22 & 23 (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000)

4:25pm: Ten-minute break

A quiet end to the level as the players will be looking to take a break and re-vitalize for, hopefully, a little more action in the next session.

4:00pm: Dales hooks a double up

A huge swing of chips, and a little luck, has just gone the way of Andrew Dales as he found a huge double up through John Apostolidis.

Dales opened with a raise to 56,000 from the cutoff before Apostolidis popped it to 112,000 from the small blind. Dales made the call and the two were off to a flop of Q♦9♠2♣. The dealer had hardly finished spreading the cards before Apostolidis declared himself all in. Dales made a quick call.

Apostolidis slammed A♣Q♠ down on the felt proudly for the best hand as Dales showed a dominated Q♥J♣. However the J♥ appeared on the turn to switch things around and leave Apostolidis needing an ace on the river. The river was the 4♦ as Dales doubles up.

"What did you think I was going all in with?" questioned Apostolidis.

"I dunno what you've been doing all day mate!" came the reply from Dales as he doubles to 1.1 million with an irritable Apostolidis down to 300,000.

3:40pm: Parnell avoids clash with McKenzie

There's an interesting little dynamic playing out here at this final table between Jesse McKenzie and Ian Parnell. The two have already disclosed that they are friends and that McKenzie has 25% of Parnell's action.

However that didn't stop McKenzie three-betting to 185,000 from the big blind, following Parnell's button raise to 65,000.

"I've got a monster!" sighed Parnell, and after a few minutes of thought he called the clock on himself.

He eventually folded and immediately reached out to pound hands with McKenzie.

"I folded queens," said Parnell. "To anyone else, I move all in!"

"I wasn't folding," came the reply from McKenzie.

3:25pm: Level up, blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000

3:20pm: Jeff Rossiter eliminated in 7th place

Jeff Rossiter had been aggressively pushing his short stack around most of the day, but he finally ran into a big hand as Charles Caris made the call.

Rossiter: 9♦9♥
Caris: K♦K♣

It was pretty much over on the flop of 4♥K♠A♠ as Caris made a set, which held on the Q♦ turn and 5♠ river. Rossiter picks up $19,030 for his 7th place finish.


Jeff Rossiter - 7th place

3:15pm: Danny Chevalier eliminated in 8th place

Jesse McKenzie min-raised from under the gun and Danny Chevalier made the call in the big blind to take a Q♣8♦5♣ flop. That's when things got busy! Chevalier checked and McKenzie looked at his opponent's stack before betting 54,000. Chevalier announced he was all in, but McKenzie gave a nod and quietly uttered a call.

Chevalier: Q♠J♠
McKenzie: A♦A♥

Chevalier would need some help but he lost a few outs when the 8♥ hit the turn.

"That's a great card!" exclaimed McKenzie as Chevalier was now down to just a queen to stay alive. The A♣ on the river sealed the deal and after a long delay between eliminations, Chevalier exits in 8th place for $14,060. Meanwhile McKenzie is now up to around 1.5 million for a clear chip lead.


Danny Chevalier - 8th place

3:05pm: Parnell's turn to double up

Octavian Voegele is now well and truly back in the pack after doubling up another opponent. This time it was Ian Parnell.

After a bet was called on the flop, Parnell fired another 90,000 on the turn on a board of A♦Q♣9♠7♥. Voegele thought briefly before declaring himself all in, but was instantly met with a call from Parnell who tabled A♥Q♦ for top two pair. The news was horrible for Voegele as he found himself drawing stone cold dead with his Q♥J♦.

The meaningless river was the 2♣ and Parnell finds a huge double up to move up to 720,000 with Voegele now back down to 790,000.

Adelaide Casino looking after the railbirds

If you're in Adelaide then we highly recommend dropping down to the Adelaide Casino Poker Zone this afternoon to join us and watch some of the final table unfold. The Adelaide Casino have setup a fantastic final table space, with plenty of seats for players to observe the action, with multiple cameras, including a flop cam, to stream all of the play onto the big screens.

There aren't too many venues which offer such a great audience viewing space for friends and family to sweat all the action, and as we get deep this afternoon it should create a thrilling atmosphere.

2:50pm: Caris finds a double

Octavian Voegele opened with a raise from under the gun to 47,000 before Charles Caris moved all in for an additional 204,000. After a quick count, Voegele made the call.

Voegele: 5♦5♥
Caris: A♥Q♣

Finally an all-in situation left Caris needing to connect with the board to stay alive. He did just that, as it landed 9♦4♣T♦A♠3♦. Caris gave a fist pump as his pair of aces doubled him up over 500,000.


Charles Caris is back in business!

2:45pm: "My chips would leave skid marks!"

Jesse McKenzie opened with a minimum raise to 40,000 from under the gun before Ian Parnell three-bet small from the button to 75,000. Andrew Dales cringed in the big blind before making a reluctant fold as McKenzie flashed an ace and also folded.

After the hand Dales commented that he had folded pocket jacks.

"You folded jacks? Are you serious?" questioned Parnell as he raked in the chips.
Charles Caris added, "If I had pocket jacks there, my chips would leave skid marks!"

2:35pm: Dales takes one

John Apostolidis raised to 50,000 with Andrew Dales making the call in position to see a flop of 4♦K♥T♠. It was a rare flop and we looked set for a big clash of the short stacks, but it was all over quickly as Apostolidis check-folded to the 135,000-chip bet of Dales.

2:25pm: Play resumes

The players are back after their break and play has once again resumed. It was a slow level, but with the blinds kicking up, we should see some movement from the short stacks in this level.

There's a lean in the table with Jesse McKenzie and Octavian Voegele in seats nine and ten, holding nearly three million of the five million chips in play.