ANZPT Adelaide Day 4: Levels 24 & 25 (blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000)

6:55pm: Level up

With multiple breaks throughout that level, the usual scheduled break has been skipped as the players jump to the next level.

6:50pm: Play resumes

Chip counts:
Jesse McKenzie - 3,498,000
Ian Parnell - 775,000
Octavian Voegele - 718,000

6:40pm: Andrew Dales eliminated in 4th place

Play folded around to Andrew Dales in the small blind who made it 120,000 to go. Jesse McKenzie paused for effect before moving all in. Dales made the call.

McKenzie: A♠Q♣
Dales: K♥Q♥

The board ran out 6♣2♠7♦A♦9♥ and McKenzie nailed it home with an ace on the turn to eliminate Dales as the last South Australian standing in 4th place. He'll collect $44,670 for a fine tournament.

The players are now taking another quick break before three-handed play commences.


Andrew Dales - 4th place

6:30pm: McKenzie kicks it up a gear

Jesse McKenzie has turned on the afterburners as he has begun to push hard with big stack in hand. In the last two orbits he has won a big pot on the river against Octavian Voegele, raised the blinds of both Ian Parnell and Andrew Dales, before a preflop four-bet shove over the top of Voegele forced another fold.

The young gun is now up close to 3,000,000 in chips and has his opponents looking a little concerned.

6:15pm: Parnell pairs his kicker

It's Ian Parnell's turn to double up as Jesse McKenzie's EV in this tournament continues to grow. Parnell shoved the small blind with A♣9♦ but was called by Andrew Dales with A♥K♥ in the big blind.

Parnell paired his kicker on the board of T♥9♣7♦Q♠6♠ for a double up to 720,000.

6:10pm: Huge double for Jesse

Octavian Voegele was getting fairly active after the break, with a series of raises and three-bets but a cooler of a hand has halted his momentum and jumped Jesse McKenzie back into the chip lead.

Voegele opened with a raise to 85,000 from under the gun and action folded to McKenzie who bumped it to 210,000 in the big blind. Voegele looked down at his opponent's stack before declaring himself all in with McKenzie snap-calling!

Voegele: 9♠9♦
McKenzie: Q♣Q♠

Two big hands in a four-handed game and there were no surprises on the 3♠4♠K♥A♥J♦ board. McKenzie doubles to 2.15 million with Voegele still comfortable with 1.45 million.


Jesse McKenzie lands a huge double up to reclaim the chip lead

5:45pm: Unscheduled ten-minute break

Some needed to go to the toilet, others needed to change their flights. The players demands have been answered as we're now taking an unscheduled ten-minute break.

Approximate Chip Counts:

Octavian Voegele - 2,145,000
Jesse McKenzie - 1,470,000
Ian Parnell - 770,000
Andrew Dales - 670,000

5:35pm: Level up, blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000

5:30pm: Voegele clips McKenzie

Our two chip leaders have just clashed in what could potentially have been an enormous pot with McKenzie stating after the hand that, "we could've got it all in on the flop".

That flop was A♠4♠3♣ after McKenzie had raised to 85,000 preflop from the small blind and Voegele calling in the big blind. McKenzie followed up with a continuation bet of 95,000 with Voegele calling to see the 5♦ hit the turn. McKenzie checked and then called the bet of 200,000 from Voegele as the 8♣ was delivered on the river. McKenzie checked and Voegele made it 300,000 to go, but McKenzie had seen enough as he let his hand go.

Voegele is now up to 2.1 million with McKenzie down to 1.2 million.

5:20pm: Heater over

"Well, I guess I had to lose one," sighed Ian Parnell after he lost a race to double up short stack Andrew Dales. It was Parnell's A♦Q♦ needing to improve against Dales' 9♣9♦ but there was no help on the 7♠T♠5♦J♠T♥ board.

Dales is up to 800,000 with Parnell back on the short stack with about 600,000.

5:10pm: Parnell on a heater

Ian Parnell has gone on a mini-run of cards to get himself up to nearly one million in chips.

First, Parnell open-shoved for 780,000 from under the gun and found no callers, although Octavian Voegele made a reluctant fold of ace-ten. Parnell showed J♦J♣.

"I don't know how to play jacks anymore!" defended Parnell.

Moments later Parnell called the 75,000-chip raise of Jesse McKenzie before the two checked the board of J♠K♦J♣A♣6♥ to the river where Parnell's bet of 140,000 was good to take it down. He showed Q♥T♦ for the straight.

Then, just to top it off, Parnell three-bet over the top of the opening raise of Octavian Voegele who again made the laydown as Parnell flashed pocket aces!

4:55pm: Parnell shows heart

Action folded to Ian Parnell in the small blind and he announced himself all in for 248,000. Andrew Dales was quick to call in the big blind.

Parnell: A♥9♠
Dales: T♣T♠

Parnell was looking for an ace, but he got something just sweet as the board landed 8♥2♣3♥J♥2♥ to put four hearts on board to give him the nut flush and the double up to 520,000, leaving Dales on the short stack with 250,000.

4:45pm: Charles Caris eliminated in 5th place

Just moments after the previous elimination and Charles Caris had his last chips in the middle when he called off his chips with A♥K♥ against the shove of Octavian Voegele who opened Q♦Q♠.

The board fell 6♠Q♥J♦5♣A♦ to give Voegele a set and the pot to eliminate Caris in 5th place for $35,850. And then there were four!


Charles Caris - 5th place

4:40pm: John Apostolidis eliminated in 6th place

Jesse McKenzie opened the action with a raise to 60,000 before John Apostolidis made it 140,000 to go. The blinds folded and McKenzie asked for a count of his opponent's stack before moving all in. Apostolidis snap-called and the cards were on their backs!

Apostolidis: A♠A♣
McKenzie: T♣T♥

Apostolidis was looking good to double up but the rail roared in delight when the board was spread T♠2♠6♥9♣Q♥. Apostolidis is out in 6th place for $27,570 in prize money.


John Apostolidis - 6th place

4:35pm: Play resumes

The players have returned to the felt, hopefully with a caffeine hit, as they continue their quest for the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event title.

Jesse McKenzie is our current chip leader, with Andrew Dales and Octavian Voegele next best. John Apostolidis is the short stack and will need to make something happen soon to stay in contention.