ANZPT Adelaide Day 4: Level 26 (blinds 25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

Congratulations Octavian Voegele - ANZPT Adelaide champion!

A big congratulations to Australian-based Austrian Octavian Voegele on a memorable victory here at the ANZPT Adelaide. After finishing third in this event last year, Voegele returned with a vengeance this year to take home the trophy and $148,900.

That concludes our live coverage from the Adelaide Casino, but we'll be back with a complete wrap of the final day action for you shortly.


The 2011 ANZPT Adelaide champion, Octavian Voegele

7:40pm: Jesse McKenzie eliminated in 2nd place; Octavian Voegele wins!

It's all over with Octavian Voegele crowned our newest ANZPT champion!

The final hand went down in a limped pot on a flop of 6♦9♠4♦. Voegele bet out 50,000, McKenzie made it 150,000, Voegele re-popped to 400,000 before McKenzie moved all in. Voegele made the call and the cards were tabled.

Voegele: 6♥4♥
McKenzie: 9♥5♦

It was top pair for McKenzie but Voegele had caught two pair to take the lead. McKenzie would need a nine, five or a runner-runner to stay alive but he couldn't find it on the Q♦ turn and J♥ river. McKenzie takes $99,260 for a fantastic run here in Adelaide.


Jesse McKenzie - 2nd place

7:35pm: Mixing it up

The players have settled into a tight, aggressive heads-up match. Both players are very talented and aggressive so it should prove to be an interesting one. They've already started to show us just some of their repertoire.

Octavian Voegele floated with jack-high on an A-K-X flop. The turn and river were checked and at showdown, jack-high was good.

A few moments later Voegele surrendered with five-high on the river as he was playing the board. McKenzie showed down six-high (with a gutshot on the flop) and was also playing the board. Chop!

McKenzie then tried a larger than usual 3x bet. Voegele smelt a rat and folded as McKenzie showed pocket kings!

7:25pm: McKenzie slips, then doubles

After Jesse McKenzie lost the first major pot of heads-up play after firing a bet of 300,000 on the river only to find that his 7-5 was out-kicked by Octavian Voegele's 7-9, McKenzie was able to get back close to where he started with a big double up.

McKenzie open-shoved the button with A♠6♥ but Voegele made the call with A♦9♠. Voegele had one hand on the trophy but it wasn't to be as the board fell 8♠6♠4♣4♥J♣ to pair up McKenzie for a double up to 1.8 million. Voegele has 3.2 million.

7:10pm: Ian Parnell eliminated in 3rd place

Octavian Voegele raised from the small blind before Ian Parnell shipped it in from the big blind. Voegele wasn't going anywhere as he immediately called.

Parnell: A♠9♥
Voegele: A♥A♣

Parnell was in horrible shape and couldn't find any miracles as the board ran out 7♣3♥Q♥6♥Q♠. Parnell will pocket $55,150 for a great tournament.


Ian Parnell - 3rd place

With that elimination, we're now heads up with Octavian Voegele holding roughly a 3:2 lead over Jesse McKenzie.

7:05pm: Now it's Octavian's turn

Things have turned sour since the break for Jesse McKenzie. After doubling up Ian Parnell, he's just done the same thing to Octavian Voegele.

From the small blind, McKenzie raised to 135,000 before Voegele moved all in from the big blind. McKenzie quickly called.

McKenzie: A♠Q♦
Voegele: K♠J♥

McKenzie was in front, however Voegele's live cards connected with the board of K♥9♠7♥3♦3♣. It was 1,025,000 in total and a huge chip swing as Voegele is back in front with 2.1 million to McKenzie's 1.9 million.

6:55pm: Parnell doubles

After a raise, re-raise and call, Ian Parnell and Jesse McKenzie were all in preflop with Parnell's T♦T♣ racing for his life against the A♥K♦ of McKenzie. The board hit Parnell hard as it landed 2♣T♥6♠3♥7♠ and he doubled to 1.15 million.