ANZPT Canberra Day 1a: Levels 3 - 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4:35pm: Ten-minute break

4:20pm: Broom likes being the bully

James Broom has a habit of accumulating chips. He's one of the most aggressive and fearless players in the country, and already today he's off to a fast start in a rare ANZPT appearance.

Facing a raise to 550, Broom made the call in position to see a flop of 9♥2♣7♠. Broom's opponent led out for 1,200, but Broom bumped it up to 3,250. His opponent called before both players checked the 4♥ turn. The river was the A♣ which looked like a dangerous card but both players checked again.

Broom's opponent tabled J♥J♠ as Broom dropped his head, perhaps regretting a missed bluff as he let one go. He's still in good shape with 45,000 chips.

4:10pm: Moussa magic!

George Moussa is on fire today as his rush continues with the elimination of another opponent. After a late-position raise, Moussa three-bet from the small blind with the big blind flat-calling to see a flop of 9♥J♦8♣. Moussa check-raised all in holding T♠T♦ but his opponent made the call with K♥K♠.

The turn bricked the 3♣ but Moussa caught his straight on the Q♥ river. Moussa is now up to a tournament-leading 66,000 chips.

3:55pm: Another six-bet victory

It seems that it is the day for the six-bet as Amila Abeywardana was just involved in a preflop war that ended in a big double up. This was a button versus big blind battle, so it's hard for the big blind to be a believer when the button raises, but the six-bet shove might've been the giveaway.

The big blind called it off with A♥Q♣ as Abeywardana showed K♣K♦ which held through the 6♣3♦J♣T♠6♥ board. Abeywardana doubles to 50,000.

3:35pm: Level up, blinds 100-200, ante 25

3:30pm: Big fold by Occy

Octavian Voegele was ANZPT Adelaide champion for a reason - the guy knows how to play. Making big folds isn't easy, but Voegele just demonstrated great composure to open-fold K♦K♥ on the board of 9♠6♠7♠J♦3♦.

Voegele had bet 1,500 only to face an all-in raise to 6,200 from Sal Fazzino. Voegele let it go to slip to 16,500 with Fazzino up to 19,000.


Octavian Voegele looking to become the first to win two ANZPT titles

3:25pm: More for Moussa

After being down early in the opening level, Joe Cabret has been working hard to find a spot to double up and get back into contention. Looking down at A♥K♣ it seemed like a good chance as he moved his last 8,000 or so into the middle, but he ran smack bang into the unstoppable George Moussa who held A♥A♠.

The flop of 6♦2♣K♠ gave Cabret a chance, but the 5♠ turn and 4♥ river left him heading for the exit. Meanwhile Moussa is up to 50,000 chips.


The unstoppable George Moussa

3:10pm: Newman binks a boat

Michael Newman has landed a double up in a cooler of a hand but he had to do it the hard way. The chips were in on the turn on the board of K♦Q♣9♥4♥ with Newman holding K♣K♥ for top set, but his opponent tabled J♥T♣ for the flopped straight.

No problem for Newman as he binked the 4♦ on the river to pair the board for a full house for the double up.

2:55pm: Kemp cannot budge Kerr

Scott Kerr already knew that Jai Kemp was a betting machine, however that didn't stop Kemp from attempting a triple barrel against Kerr.

Kemp fired 1,150 on the flop, 1,950 on the turn and 4,750 on the river on the board of A♣7♠8♣Q♠2♥.

Kerr thought for a few moments on the river, but knew he had to make the call down.
"Nice call," sighed Kemp. "Can you beat a deuce?" he added as he tabled 2♠T♠.

Kerr showed A♦9♦ for top pair to take it down and move up to 45,000. Kemp slips to 16,000.

2:35pm: Play resumes

The players are back following the break. 58 players are still alive on Day 1a of the ANZPT Canberra Main Event with Ricky Kroesen the only notable casualty.

George Moussa and Toothpick Tony are the big stacks in the room but there's a long way to go.