ANZPT Canberra Day 1a: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

7:55pm: That's all she wrote

The final hands have been dealt on Day 1a of the ANZPT Canberra. The players have bagged up their chips and headed across the room to Galaxy nightclub as the ANZPT Player's Party kicks off. We'll have some loose ends to tie up here before we join them with a full list of chip counts and a wrap of the day's action on its way to you shortly.

It looks like Scott Kerr has snatched the lead from Antonis "Toothpick Tony" Kambouroglou in the dying moments of play with both players sitting with over 85,000. Tristan Bain, James Broom and Xiuming Huang are also going to be in good shape entering Day 2 on Sunday.

7:50pm: Just in time for Maklouf

John Maklouf found the right time to double up as the final hand saw him end the day on a high note. Facing a bet of 5,000 on a flop of J♦5♣9♣, Maklouf moved all in for 12,550 and his opponent made the call. Maklouf showed J♣9♦ for top two against his opponent's Q♦Q♣ and it held through the 4♣ turn and K♠ river.

Maklouf will end the day bagging up over 30,000 in chips.

7:45pm: Hawkins hits hurdle

With an open-shove for 11,775 in front of him, online phenom Michael Hawkins looked down at K♣K♥ and made an easy call. His opponent showed A♠Q♠ and Hawkins was in good shape to grab a solid stack heading into Day 2.

However the run good eluded Hawkins on this occasion as the board was spread Q♥A♥7♣9♠7♥ to double up his opponent and leave Hawkins with under 9,000 in change.

7:40pm: Pedley on ice

Moments after Grant Levy's elimination, Michael Pedley decided to gamble it up or join his buddy at the bar. Pedley committed with A♣5♣ for a flush draw on a 4♣K♣Q♠ flop as his opponent held K♠4♠ for two pair.

The J♥ turn card improved Pedley's chances with a straight draw, but the river bricked the Q♥. After a count down of chips, Pedley was narrowly covered and eliminated.

7:35pm: Levy on the road again

Grant Levy won't be making a further impression on the ANZ POTY leaderboard here in Canberra after his recent elimination. As recalled to us by the table, Levy opened to 1,300 and found two callers before Brett Chalhoub three-bet to 4,200. It looked like a squeeze so Levy moved all in for around 24,000. The two callers stepped aside but Chalhoub made the call with pocket kings. Levy turned over [q][8] and was in need of a lot of help.

He ended up making the second nut flush with four clubs on board, but Chalhoub made the nut flush with his king of clubs playing. Levy hits the highway late on Day 1a as Chalhoub is up to 46,000.

7:10pm: Broom can't get a read on Huang

Xiuming Huang has turned the heat up on James Broom, and the big guy didn't seem to like it as he was forced into a reluctant fold. It started with Broom raising to 1,275 from under the gun, with Michael Hawkins calling from the small blind. It was then with Huang who popped it up to 2,600 from the big blind. Both opponents called and they saw a flop of 2♥Q♠7♠.

Hawkins checked it to Huang who bet 5,800. Broom paid the price as Hawkins stepped out of the way. Things got interesting on the 5♠ turn card as Huang instantly moved all in. Broom went into forensic scientist mode as he leaned in towards his tablemate, almost invading his personal space, as Broom looked for some sort of tell or read on his opponent.

Huang got a little nervous as he pulled his cap down to shut the doors on Broom's investigations, and with that, Broom gave it up. Huang is up to 60,000 with Broom down to 46,000.


Xiuming Huang and James Broom tangle at ANZPT Canberra

6:55pm: Play resumes

Just 42 players have survived to the final break of the day, with one more level until we wrap things up for the day. Scott Kerr is the man to catch with 75,000, with the likes of Grant Levy, Octavian Voegele and John Maklouf still in contention.