ANZPT Canberra Day 1b: Levels 5 & 6 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

6:40pm: Ten-minute break

6:30pm: Scarf gets a present

Accumulating chips in a poker tournament is about making the right reads, solid plays and getting a little lucky. If you're Andrew Scarf, it also involves accepting gifts.

Christmas came early for Scarf when he raised 5,000 more on a flop of 9♥2♥4♦, only to find his opponent move all in for roughly 15,000.

"You have the aces right? I call," said Scarf as he tabled K♥K♦. His opponent sheepishly revealed K♣J♣ and realised he was drawing almost dead.

The turn was the A♦ and river the 6♥ to leave Scarf raking in the pot to move up to 65,000 and the chip lead.

"Wow, how do you get gifts like that?" asked tablemate Daniel Noja.

"I don't know," replied Scarf, "but I accepted it with grace!"


Andrew Scarf leads the way on Day 1b in Canberra

6:15pm: Watson wobbles

With a raise from the cutoff to 700, Andrew Watson and Todor Kondevski both called in the blinds to see a flop of 9♠J♦7♠.

Action checked around and the J♣ paired the board on the turn. Watson led out from the small blind for 1,300, which caused Kondevski to fold, but the cutoff called as the T♠ completed the board. Watson announced a bet of 2,900 but his opponent quickly called with A♠8♣ for a rivered straight as Watson's 6♥6♠ shrivelled up. Watson is now down to 12,500.

5:50pm: McLean sets up Rafferty

Ben McLean and Tom Rafferty have renewed their rivalry from the APPT Sydney final table, as McLean has just scored a big double up. Once again it was pocket queens that were the undoing of Rafferty as he raised preflop with the ladies and McLean defended his big blind.

McLean led out on the T♣3♦2♦ flop, Rafferty raised and McLean moved all in. Rafferty called it off with Q♥Q♠ but McLean's 3♠3♥ held the lead with his set. The 2♣ turn and A♠ river were lady-less to give McLean the double up to 40,000. Rafferty is back to 25,000.

5:40pm: Level up, blinds 200-400, ante 50

5:35pm: Chon chomps McKenzie

Jesse McKenzie just relayed to us the hand that involved him doubling up Michael Chon. It started with Chon limping for 300 before McKenzie put in a raise to 875. The big blind called and Chon came along to see a [5][8][8] flop. Action checked to McKenzie who bet 1,300. The big blind folded but Chon responded with a min-raise to 2,600. McKenzie called as the 6♣ hit the turn.

Chon led out for 3,000 before McKenzie moved all in. Chon called off his last 5,000 or so chips and tabled 5♥8♥ for the flopped full house as McKenzie held J♣8♣. The river was a [k] to see Chon double up and leave McKenzie with just 8,500 in chips.


Jesse McKenzie seeking to extend his advantage in the ANZ Player of the Year

5:25pm: Holla for a double

PokerStars qualifier Stephen Holloway has netted himself a double up after his all-in bet of 4,750 was called on a flop of 2♠7♠2♥.

Holloway opened J♥J♠ and just had the edge against his opponent's T♥T♣.

The J♦ turn sealed the deal and the river bricked off the 8♠. Holloway is back to 13,000.

5:15pm: Scarf clubs a double

Andrew Scarf was red hot on last year's ANZPT but is yet to make an impact so far in 2011. Perhaps Canberra will be his event after he just landed a big double up.

Scarf was on the draw with K♣T♣ on a 4♣6♠2♣ but actually found himself with the best hand against his opponent's 7♦5♦ straight draw. It didn't matter though as Scarf clubbed his flush on the J♣ turn to lock up the pot. The meaningless river was the 6♥ to see Scarf double through to 44,000 chips.

5:00pm: Hadaway does Broadway

Omer Silajdzija was amongst our chip leaders but he's just taken a hit with the double up of Greg Hadaway.

The chips were in on the turn with the board reading 4♥Q♣K♦T♦. Silajdzija held K♣Q♦ for top two pair but Hadaway had turned Broadway with his A♣J♣.

The river was the A♠ to dent Silajdzija to around 42,000 with Hadaway doubling up to 36,000.

4:40pm: Play resumes

66 players are back on the felt for the continuation of Day 1b of the ANZPT Canberra Main Event. One man missing is "Chewing Gum Pete". ANZPT Gold Coast champ Peter Matusik was eliminated just before the break when he went with ace-queen but ran into the pocket kings of Jesse McKenzie.

Progressing well are Tom Rafferty and Jarred Graham, while Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem is cruising along with 27,000 chips.


Former Prime Minister John Howard was spotted railing the ANZPT action at Casino Canberra