ANZPT Canberra Day 2: Levels 11 & 12 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

5:45pm: One-hour dinner break

Just like back home, it's 5:45pm so it must be time for dinner! We'll be taking a one-hour break before returning to battle it all the way down to our final fifteen.

Heading into the dinner break it appears that Jarred Graham has snatched the chip advantage over our final 32 players. He recalled to us that he grabbed most of his chips when his pocket queens held against an opponent's pocket nines. He'll enjoy his dinner with a stack of about 220,000.

5:30pm: Ljubicic outkicks Georgoulas

Mario Ljubicic has got a little lucky to eliminate PokerStars qualifier Nick Georgoulas after the chips were in the middle on a flop of A♠J♦9♣. Ljubicic held A♣Q♣ but Georgoulas had flopped two pair with his A♥J♠.

That all changed when the Q♥ hit the turn to give Ljubicic a better two pair and leave Georgoulas on the ropes. The river was the K♠ and Georgoulas was sent to the rail.

"How come you not fold ace-queen? I bet enough to tell you I had ace-jack!" cried Georgoulas, much to the amusement of the table. Meanwhile Ljubicic is now up to a commanding 180,000 chips.

5:15pm: Nguyen blasts past Napper's kings

Tim Napper opened with a late position raise to 5,200 and picked up two callers in the blinds to see a flop of Q♣3♠8♠. Action checked to Napper who bet 13,300, leaving himself a little over 20,000 behind. The small blind folded but Khiem Nguyen announced himself all in from the big blind. Napper instantly called with K♣K♦ but discovered the horror news as Nguyen revealed 3♣3♥ for a set.

The turn was the 5♦ and river Q♠ to eliminate Napper from the tournament as Nguyen jumps into the chip lead with 210,000 chips.


Khiem Nguyen is our new chip leader following the elimination of Tim Napper

5:00pm: Gorr takes more from Broom

David Gorr and James Broom have gone at it once again, and again the pot has gone the way of the Aussie Millions champ.

On a flop of A♥J♠4♣, Gorr checked to Broom who bet 5,200 before Gorr check-raised to 14,500. Broom took a few moments before making the call as the 6♣ hit the turn.

Gorr considered his options before moving all in for around 40,000 chips. Broom sighed and flashed the 4♦2♦ before folding. Gorr returned the favour and flashed J♦6♦.

"I knew you were bluffing!" exclaimed Broom. "If you don't hit, I take it away from you on the turn!"

Broom takes another hit but still holds 190,000 with Gorr battling back to 55,000.

4:45pm: Level up, blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200

4:40pm: Gorr isn't chopping

James Broom has quietly got himself up to 200,000 in his usual school ground bully style. He almost considered another wildly aggressive play in a multi-way pot, but thankfully for his stack, he thought better of it.

Broom opened with a raise to 3,500 before a short-stacked player was all in for his last 3,200. Leo Boxell and David Gorr came along in the blinds. The action was checked through to the river on a board of Q♣A♠K♣Q♠K♠.

Boxell led out for 6,000 into the side pot and Gorr quickly called. Broom considered all his options.

"That's the worst call ever!" exclaimed Broom.

"Is it?" replied Gorr.

"I'm just deciding if I can jam on you two..." pondered Broom out loud, suspecting that both players were just playing for a chop.

Broom eventually folded and Gorr opened K♥5♠ for a full house to rake in the pot.

"I change my mind Dave. That was a great call!" laughed Broom as Gorr moved back up to 40,000. Boxell is in need of a double up with just 15,000 chips.


James Broom bullying his way to the chip lead in Canberra

4:20pm: Jackson runs into aces

Belinda Jackson is the latest casualty after her short stack was in the middle with A♦J♣ but she ran into Peter Davey's A♠A♣.

The board fell Q♠Q♦2♥7♣3♠ to leave the aces in front and eliminate Jackson from the ANZPT Canberra Main Event.

4:10pm: Putting out the door

Graeme Putt has battled hard with a short stack today but his run has come to an end. Putt moved his last 7,400 in preflop with J♥9♥ but found a caller with A♣Q♠. Putt hit a jack but its timing wasn't the best as the board ran out K♣8♦T♣J♠T♠ to give his opponent a straight and send Putt to the rail.

3:45pm: Play resumes

The players are back with 45 players still alive in the quest for ANZPT Canberra glory. James Broom is our chip leader with around 160,000 chips with Khiem Nguyen and Scott Kerr not too far behind.