ANZPT Canberra Day 3: Levels 16 & 17 (blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500)

1:20pm: David Gorr bubbles final table!

Just like that our final table has been set with the dramatic elimination of Aussie Millions champ David Gorr.

We caught the action from the turn on the board of Q♠6♣4♣6♦. Gorr fired 17,000 and Khiem Nguyen made the call to see the action card 8♣ hit the river. Gorr checked and Nguyen overbet the pot, tossing out 65,000 into a pot of about 50,000. Gorr responded with a check-raise all in!

"I have to call you!" exclaimed Nguyen as he opened 8♠8♥ for a full house. Gorr showed K♣9♣ for the king-high flush. After a countdown of chips Nguyen just had him covered to rake in the monster half-million chip pot. Unfortunately Gorr is our final table bubble boy finishing in 10th place which will jump him to fourth spot on the ANZ Player of the Year rankings.

With that, we'll take a few moments to catch our breath as the players redraw and setup for the final table. Back soon!


David Gorr eliminated in 10th place

1:15pm: Chalhoub flushed on the river

Brett Chalhoub is out in 11th place in unfortunate fashion. He was all in for around 85,000 chips with A♣K♥ and looked set for a double up against Tristan Bain's A♥J♠ but the board ran out 7♥5♦9♥5♥Q♥. Four hearts on board gave Bain the nut flush to eliminate Chalhoub in 11th place for $6,030.


Brett Chalhoub eliminated in 11th place

1:10pm: Gorr doubles through Warne

David Gorr opened with a raise to 13,000 and found two callers in Andrew Watson and Leigh Warne to see a flop of 3♥9♦5♥. Action checked to Gorr who bet 13,000 again. Watson folded but Warne raised to 40,000. Gorr responded by moving all in and Warne made the call with K♥J♥ for a flush draw, but Gorr held a set with 3♣3♠.

The turn 6♠ and river K♣ bricked out to double Gorr to over 250,000 and leave Warne with 240,000.

1:05pm: Takahiro Morooka eliminated in 12th place

Well, I guess it just wasn't meant to be for Takahiro Morooka. After the earlier controversy, Morooka was again on the short stack and he committed those chips with A♥K♦ following an opening raise from Khiem Nguyen. The overnight chip leader made the call but found himself dominated holding A♠T♥.

However the board ran out 2♦2♣9♦4♥T♦ to spike a pair on the river for Nguyen and eliminate Morooka in 12th place. He collects $6,030 for his tournament efforts.


Takahiro Morooka eliminated in 12th place

1:00pm: Morooka crosses the line

What's a final day without a little controversy? Leigh Warne and Takahiro Morooka have just tangled in a pot with Morooka the unfortunate victim of a rule technicality.

Morooka had opened to 13,000 before Warne three-bet to 33,000 from the blinds. Morooka declared himself all in and his stack was moved into the middle.

Warne then asked the dealer to bring in the bet amounts so that he could see the raise amount. As the dealer started to bring in the chips, Morooka, who doesn't speak great English, thought that Warne had folded so he slid his cards into the middle, crossing the hard line which applies here in Casino Canberra.

He retrieved his cards once it was pointed out that Warne had indeed not folded, but Warne was well aware that the line plays here in Canberra. He called for the floor for a ruling. After the situation was explained to the staff, and Warne pleaded his case adamantly that the cards had crossed the line, it was ruled that Morooka's cards were indeed mucked. Morooka was forced to forfeit the 33,000 while the remainder of his stack was returned as Warne raked in the main pot. You'd love to see common sense prevail in this situation but rules are rules!

12:55pm: Jarred Graham eliminated

Jarred Graham couldn't recover from that previous blow and has been bundled out in unlucky 13th place.

Action folded around to Graham in the small blind who moved all in for around 60,000 with K♦2♦ but Khiem Nguyen made the call with one of the worst hands Graham could see - a dominant A♥2♥.

The flop was T♠A♠9♠ and Graham was left calling for running spades, but it wasn't to be as the 5♣ turn and 4♥ river completed the board. Graham will be disappointed to depart in 13th place as he'll collect $4,690 for his efforts in Canberra.


Jarred Graham eliminated in 13th place

12:45pm: Level up, blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500

12:40pm: Broom and Graham dented

Two of our higher profile players have just taken a pair of pretty bad beats to leave them on short stacks.

In a three-bet pot, James Broom and Sammy Huang went to war on a flop of T♦6♥5♥. Huang had led out from the blinds and Broom moved all in. Huang called with A♠K♣ for just ace-high as Broom tabled Q♠Q♠.

"How can you call?" questioned Broom, sensing the impending doom that was about to unfold.

The 9♠ turn changed nothing but the K♦ on the river gave Huang the 350,000-chip pot and left Broom with just 60,000.

On the other table, Takahiro Morooka found a fortunate double up when he moved all in for 61,500 with A♣J♣ and Jarred Graham made the call with A♠K♥. The board ran out J♠4♦A♥9♦6♥ to give Morooka two pair for the double up. He celebrated excitedly but Graham wasn't amused as he slips to 70,000.

12:35pm: Ljubicic lucks out

Mario Ljubicic was another of the very short stacks entering play here today, but he's been unable to find the doube up required to stay alive.

Ljubicic moved all in from under the gun and found two callers in the blinds in Andrew Watson and Leigh Warne. Both live players checked down the board of Q♥8♣6♣5♦Q♦.

Ljubicic showed J♦T♣ for just jack-high which was no good as Watson took it down with A♣8♦. Ljubicic heads to the cashier to collect $4,690 for 14th place.


Mario Ljubicic eliminated in 14th place

12:30pm: Gorr grabs gutterball

Aussie Millions champ David Gorr has found a fortunate double up to stay alive. He opened to 11,500 from middle position before Khiem Nguyen moved all in over the top. With about 60,000 behind, Gorr reluctantly made the call with Q♣J♠ and saw the bad news as Nguyen opened J♣J♥.

"You're drawing pretty slim," laughed Gorr as the flop was dealt 4♥8♠T♠. It was a good one for Gorr as he picked up some gutshot straight draw outs. The 2♦ turn was a brick but the 9♠ on the river landed Gorr the straight for the double up. Gorr is up to 150,000 with Nguyen slipping to 250,000.

12:20pm: Sibaei silenced

Naz Sibaei is the first casualty of the day after he moved his last 25,500 in from middle position and found two callers in Andrew Watson and David Gorr.

The two live players checked down the board of 2♥T♥J♥2♦K♠ until the river where Watson bet 15,000. Gorr folded and Sibaei opened A♠K♥ for top pair, but the king delivered a straight for Watson with his A♣Q♠.

Sibaei finishes in 15th place and collects $4,690 for his efforts in Canberra.


Naz Sibaei eliminated in 15th place

12:15pm: Play is underway!

The fifteen final day players have unbagged their chips and are ready to get down to business! Day 3 of the ANZPT Canberra Main Event is underway!

We have 28:01 to play of Level 16 with the blinds at 2,500-5,000 with a 500 ante.

Australians love nothing more than a public holiday. So while the Republican movement continues to rally against the Royal family, they will probably jump at the chance for a Monady morning sleep-in, thanks to the celebration today of the Queen's Birthday.

The Queen's Birthday long weekend in June is often noted in the calendar as a time to make a quick holiday interstate (usually minus the volcanic ash), but it's also a date which is building some tradition here at Casino Canberra. It seems an ideal date for the ANZPT to roll into town, and that history and tradition will be reinforced today with our final table.

We return with fifteen hopefuls, with some talented cats amongst them including Jarred Graham, David Gorr, James Broom and chip leader Khiem Nguyen. Here's how they will line up:

Table 5
Seat 1: Tristan Bain (Australia) - 263,300
Seat 2: Xiuming "Sammy" Huang (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 191,400
Seat 3: Brett Chalhoub (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 119,700
Seat 4: James Broom (Australia) - 203,700
Seat 5: Tony Kambouroglou (Australia) - 255,000
Seat 8: Luke Edwards (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 233,200
Seat 9: Gioreio Graziani (Australia) - 187,800

Table 6
Seat 1: Jarred Graham (Australia) - 95,500
Seat 2: Naz Sibaei (Australia) - 35,500
Seat 3: Khiem Nguyen (Germany) - 325,600
Seat 4: Andrew Watson (Australia) (PokerStars Player) - 233,900
Seat 5: Leigh Warne (Australia) - 311,600
Seat 6: Mario Ljubicic (Australia) - 39,300
Seat 8: David Gorr (Australia) - 112,500
Seat 9: Takahiro Morooka (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 77,700

By the end of the day we'll be doing some crowning of our own as we recognize a new champion of Australian poker. I have it on good authority that the Queen will be celebrating her birthday by railing our live coverage of the ANZPT Canberra Main Event right here on the PokerStars Blog. We hope that you will too!