ANZPT Gold Coast Day 1a: Levels 1 & 2 (blinds 75-150)

2:05pm: Ten-minute break

1:45pm: Old school move snags new school victim

The old limp-re-raise. It's a classic move. It looks like aces, but then again, how can it be aces?

That was going through the head of Jack Drake as he was faced with a big raise from Ivan Pesut.

Pesut had started things off with a limp from early position before Drake made it 625 to go. The button player called, before Pesut splashed out a big re-raise to 6,150 which perplexed Drake.

After several minutes of thought he declared himself all in. The button folded but Pesut wasn't going anywhere as he opened A♠A♣. Ah, it was aces after all. Drake showed Q♠Q♥ and would need to find a third lady to survive. It wasn't to be as the board ran out 5♠J♥8♣6♦9♥.

Drake is out as Pesut is up to 35,000 chips.

1:30pm: Another big straight for Robinson

With a raise to 350 from under the gun, Jeff Charnstrom wasn't so thrilled to see four callers come along for the ride to see a multi-way flop of J♦A♠T♣. However that didn't stop Charnstrom from making a continuation bet of 1,000. The field was thinned by two as the 7♥ hit the turn.

Charnstrom bet another 1,500, but Gail Robinson came over the top by moving all in for 16,450. The third player folded but Charnstrom made the call with A♥A♣ for top set, however he found himself trailing as Robinson had caught another big straight with her 8♣9♣. The river bricked the 3♦ and Robinson doubled up to nearly 40,000 in chips.


Gail Robinson spikes another straight to land a big pot

1:20pm: Postans finds a way

A little creativity from Lester Postans has collected him a handy pot to crack the pocket kings of Craig Trevenna.

Postans limped in before Trevenna raised to 500. The small blind and Postans made the call to see a flop of 2♠A♠J♦.

Following a check, Postans dropped out 200 before Trevenna popped it to 500. The small blind folded but Postans hung around to see the 7♥ hit the turn. Postans checked and Trevenna bet another 500 with Postans calling again as the T♥ completed the board on the river.

Action was check, check, with Trevenna sneaking to a showdown with his pocket kings. He was concerned about the ace but was rather surprised to see Postans reveal [t][7] for backdoor two pair to take it down!

1:05pm: Level up, blinds 75-150

12:55pm: Woody builds a better house

Another massive hand has seen local Graeme Woodbine catch a great flop, bad turn and perfect river to double up.

In a three-bet pot, three players saw a flop of A♠A♣9♠ and the action checked around. The turn was the T♠ and Woodbine's bet of 2,500 was raised to 6,000. The third player folded but Woodbine made the call to see the J♠ hit the river. Woodbine announced himself all in for a total of 10,450 with his opponent making the call.

Woodbine opened A♥J♥ for a rivered full house as his opponent was left shaking his head with his pocket tens for an inferior full house. Woodbine is up to 35,000.

12:50pm: O'Rourke's set is straightened out

There's been a flurry of action here in the first level of play with a couple of major coolers seeing the chips fly. The latest casualty was young gun Liam O'Rourke who will need to mount a mighty comeback to get back into this tournament and attempt to match his third place finish from last year.

We arrived at the table with the cry of "All in! Call" as O'Rourke showed 6♠6♥ for a set on the board of 6♦A♣5♦3♥. Unfortunately for O'Rourke, his opponent, Gail Robinson had got creative with 4♦2♦ as she made a straight on the turn. The river was the Q♣ and Robinson doubled up to leave O'Rourke with just 4,700 in change.


Liam O'Rourke will need a little luck to match his third place finish from last year

12:45pm: Adios Angelo

We've lost one of our notable players in the first level of play with Angelo Hanataj crashing to the rail.

The chips were all in on the turn on a board of 2♦J♠8♦A♦. Hanataj held A♥A♠ for top set but he had been flushed by Pilat's T♦9♦.

Hanataj needed the river to pair the board but it wasn't to be as the 3♦ fell to eliminate the 2010 ANZPT Sydney champion and leave Pilat with a nice stack of 43,000 for the early chip lead.

12:35pm: Hockin flops good

Kiwi Paul Hockin is another who has jumped out of the blocks as he recently eliminated an opponent, with good mate James Honeybone recalling the action to us from the rail.
Hockin had called a three-bet with J-9 and was rather happy to see a [9][9][3] flop. His opponent, Nicholas Nichols bet out 2,000 and Hockin smooth-called to see a [2] hit the turn. Nichols checked, Hockin bet 4,000 and Nichols check-raised all in for his last 12,000. Hockin made the call and Nichols saw the bad news as his pocket jacks had been cracked wide open.

This river was a queen and Nichols was eliminated as Hockin jumped up to a double stack.

12:25pm: Pilat up, Musgrave out

Matthew Pilat may have busted out of this morning's SCOOP rebuy event in entertaining fashion, but he's off to a bright start here on the live felt.

After three-betting preflop from the small blind, Pilat led out with a bet of 1,775 on an interesting flop of 4♥4♦4♠. His opponent, Mick Glenn, popped it up to 5,000 as Pilat made the call to see the Q♦ hit the turn. The action was check, check and the J♣ found its way on the river. Again Pilat checked and Glenn checked behind, tabling T♣T♦. It wasn't enough as Pilat opened A♠A♣ to take it down and jump out to 27,000 chips.


Matthew Pilat out to an early lead on the Gold Coast

However it didn't take long for our first elimination of the day as local John Musgrave was quickly sent to the rail.

"John took about 25 satellites to qualify for this event," announced Martin Coughlin, "and he only lasted 25 minutes."

12:15pm: Some names in the field

It looks like we have around 65 players in action here on Day 1a of the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event. Some of those spotted in today's field include Matthew Pilat, Mike Ivin, Darryl "Dazzler" Lanyon, Hong Kong's Derek Cheung, Graeme Woodbine, Jason Kenna, Rennie Carnevale, Angelo Hanataj, ANZPT Adelaide winner Octavian Voegele, last year's ANZPT Gold Coast 3rd place finisher Liam O'Rourke and last year's runner up Ricky Kroesen.

12:00pm: Go time on the Gold Coast!

Welcome to Jupiters Hotel and Casino as we're excited to see Day 1a of the ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event kick off. The players have wandered downstairs into the exclusive Jupiters Poker Room where approximately eight tables are kitted up and ready for action.

Jupiters Poker Room Manager Martin Coughlan has welcomed the players to their new home for the afternoon and the official word has been given to "Shuffle up and deal!"